Monday, March 31, 2008

Manic Monday

My day started just like any other day. My kids wouldn't get out of bed. The morning was spent yelling at one kid for not getting into the bath, at another for taking their pants off, another for forgetting their backpack, well, you get the idea. It was just a typical morning in this house.

No one ever goes to bed when they are told so they are too tired to get up in the morning. Then they are too cold, their stomach hurts, or they can't find something. There is always some excuse or reason why they can't or won't do what they are told. It's frickin rough getting up and out the door on time for school.

I'm not sure why it's so much harder this year. Last year they had to be to school by 845. We would be out the door by 830 and often we would walk. This year its amazing they get to school at all, let alone on time. Not sure what the difference is but I need to figure it out soon and get on the ball.

Anyways, that was just a bit of the manic Monday that the blog title speaks of. The rest has is in regards to my landlords. The people that I have been complaining to for over a year about a broken fence and sagging deck, and I'd venture to say, about 6 months about the leaky skylight. Let's not mention the million other things that are wrong with this house that I didn't feel were imperative to discuss with them since they couldn't get anything else taken care of. I had to take it upon myself to call RotoRooter (freakin ripoffs!) to unclog my drain and bill my landlords for it. It needed fixed... I couldn't do dishes with it clogged. Turns out there were two pieces of cloth stuck in there (I'm sure I've blogged about this before, but we all know how MY memory is LoL).

Again, I digress...

After taking the two oldest to school I ventured to Target for milk, cereal, cream cheese, batteries and packaging tape. I stopped for my usual Starbucks and let the kids get a cookie with their milks this morning because they were being extra well behaved. As I walked through Target I picked up the various things I needed and remembered a few other things I needed as well, like poster boards for our yard sale on Saturday and another pencil sharpener for Lexi (someone either steals hers, it doesn't work, or she has a secret stash of them behind her left ear... who knows). I also picked up a few things for the Easter Bunny. After all, I don't want him to get overwhelmed thinking about bringing 5 baskets to my kids next year like he did this year. I was upset at him for bringing so much candy and junk but it did make my kids happy and that's all that matters, right? Target had all their Easter stuff on clearance, 90% off. Plush baskets were 99 cents each, bags of robin eggs were only 16 cents and loads of other stuff was just as cheap, and CHEAPER!!! Yes! Cheaper than 1/10th of a dollar, actually. I also let Kadie pick out a new hair dye for me. She originally wanted it to be "Hot Tamale" but I nixed that real quick and commented that maybe we should go a little darker. "Like black?" my brilliant little 3 yr old questioned. Ummm, let me think for a second, NO! Atleast she understands the concept of darker LoL

We left Target shortly before 10, record time for us, and made it home just in time to have missed a friend stopping by with some papers for me. I searched all over the house for my missing phone and found it just in time. The landlady called. Jim would be in Savannah in two days and would like to come look at all the "problems" we have been having. She informed me they would be replacing the roof soon and then the deck and fence sometime after that. Great! NOW, they decide it's time to address all the problems we have been having... some since well over a year ago. Nice. So I agree to Wednesday, after all what do I do anyways but sit around watching soaps and eating Bon Bons(I actually don't even know what a Bon Bon tastes like, or even what it is... hmmm... and I rarely have time to watch soaps anymore).

After hanging up this is when the panic set in. I have had no motivation to do much of anything around here lately. My house is a wreck... the kids don't help me get it or keep it clean and how was I to do it all by myself in two days. I went a little overboard and posted to both my playgroups that I needed to recruit their help and I was on the verge of paying $350 to fly my sister down here to help me. I was desperate.

I did find a couple friends to help out and I don't think I need my sister but I was really freaking out for awhile there. It's my own fault for not keeping my house cleaned... but like the saying goes, "Cleaning your house while your kids are growing, is like shoveling your driveway while its still snowing." I completely agree and find myself cursing myself for cleaning something that the kids have a wreck within minutes of me walking out of the room. A clean floor is like a magnet for toys and socks and pieces of poptart. It's almost impossible to keep my house guest worthy. I'm almost always cleaning up until the moment they ring the doorbell.

We cleaned up until a little after 5 when my friend left to get us some Chick Fil A for dinner. That place is so freaking addicting. Today they were idiots though. My friend asked for mayo with my sandwich, there was none in the bag and none on the sandwich even though the cashier was joking with her about "extra extra mayo." FREAK!

After eating dinner, the kids played around a little bit and then the morning routine was reversed. Same stuff, different time. This time I get, "It's too dark, my stomach hurts, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, Can I wear a skirt tomorrow?, Adam won't go to sleep, Can I sleep in your room?" Ugh, same crap, different night.

Anyways, I suppose I shouldn't be procrastinating (it's one of my many talents) but I can't keep disappointing my fans with no new blogs. That was my Manic Monday, hope you enjoyed reading that even Stay at Home Mom's don't like Monday's sometimes.

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