Friday, March 28, 2008

My Little Soccer Stars

The kids started soccer last week. They had three practices before their game tonight. They played really well. The other team was kicking their asses though. It was 6 - 0 at half time. They went back in the second half and Lexi scored a goal, as did Samari and Elliot. Jacob played his little heart out. I bumped him up to play with Lexi so I didnt have to make so many trips down to Richmond Hill and Im so glad he can keep up with them. He runs just as fast when they are playing and he almost scored a couple times.

I am so proud of my babies. I didnt get any videos of them playing, I was the time keeper and the photographer. Jacob tried to do a video cause he played opposite of Lexi but he didnt do very good. He set it down while it was still recording so we have a nice video of the side of Lexi's shoe.

I took a whole bunch of pictures but I havent uploaded them to the computer yet. I was also asked to take team pictures sometime later in the season. The league has decided not to do pictures this year and left it up to individual teams to do them. The hottie coach noticed me taking pics at practice the other day and asked if I wouldnt mind doing the team pictures. I feel semi-professional, especially since I will be taking pictures at my brother's wedding next month, just wish I could get a hang of the manual focusing and all the different settings on my camera.

My friend watched the three little ones for me tonight so I wouldnt have to deal with them at the soccer game. Thank god for mommy friends! The gnats were insane and I'm sure I'd have been spending more time loading the little ones up on snacks and juice boxes instead of actually watching the game. I would have surely missed Lexi's goal. Which was really awesome by the way. She dribbled the ball almost all the way across the field and scored... everyone cheered cause it was our first goal of the game. Such a proud mommy moment.

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