Thursday, March 6, 2008

What to write... what to write...

I was going to write about Passion Parties and sex toys and the like but then I remembered my mother in law reads my blog. Not that she doesn't know where babies comes from (and I have 5 of them) but still... definitely not something I feel like sharing with her or any other family member that may be reading this.

So instead I'm going to write about what I'm doing up before 6am while all my kids are still sound asleep.

Seems I wake up naturally by 530 every morning now. Which also means I'm tired by 830 every night. Thank goodness for Tivo or else I'd never get to watch anything. Although I haven't watched much of anything at lately anyways especially with no new shows on but I digress. So usually I get up and feed the puppies and have the urge to clean something. Yesterday morning I put some laundry in the dryer and then unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.

This morning however I am way too tired to have the urge to do anything. Why am I not sleeping then? Because I've woken up every hour since 1am. When I would fall back asleep after checking the time on my phone I would instantly go back to dreaming. I was tired of my last dream and tired of looking at my phone every hour so I got up hoping that John was online. No luck there...

So wanna hear about my dreams?

I remember in one of them I looked at my phone and it was 815am on a Saturday. I looked out my window and my neighbors were having another yard sale so I decided, "What the hell, I'll bring out my stuff too. Take advantage of the yardsalers she will have coming to her house." So I start bringing stuff outside to sell and I wake up.

The last one I was having... we were at Universal, I believe. John's parents and brother were with us and apparently we only had 1 child with us, Sara. John and I were waiting in line to ride The Mummy. I was holding Sara and David (John's brother) was in front of us. We are following the line that is moving pretty quickly and before we realize it we are walking in some kind of store or mall that was connected to the ride. We think we are following the group that was in front of us but now we don't see anyone in line. I then realize that I don't have Sara anymore and David wasn't around so I assume that he took Sara from me and I just don't remember because I have such a terrible memory. So we keep walking trying to find our way onto the ride when we I see John's dad. "There's your dad!" I say and John shushes me. He doesn't want his dad to see us for some reason. His dad looks really peeved about something and I see him check his cellphone then make a call. I assume he is trying to find his wife. We then run into my sister, April. She asked how the ride was and I told her we didn't get to ride because we lost the line somehow. She told us to go back up the stairs and it was to the right, we turned the wrong way. We head back up the stairs looking around for the line again and an official looking lady yells for us, "Hey, you guys need to come with me." We go with her and that is when I see Sara in a play area. They found her. We get in an elevator and this woman tells us that we will not be able to get Sara back until the next day due to a few issues we had the day before, one of them being taking Sara on a train. I was livid. I had no idea what train she was talking about. John said it may have been the bus driver that yelled at us saying there were no babies in Pull-Ups allowed on board. My sister had a few choice words for him and pissed him off. In the middle of the night I went looking for Sara and there she was in the same spot in the play area as earlier. She was wearing only a Pull-Up, a soaken wet one at that. I picked her up, then went looking for John. He was just waking up.

That is why I didn't want to go back to bed even though I'm tired as all get out. Forty-five minutes to an hour of sleep while dreaming just doesn't cut it. Half the time it feels so real I swear I'm not dreaming until I actually wake up. It makes for a long, long night.

And yes, I know I'm weird (i.e. have weird dreams).

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