Monday, March 3, 2008

Customer Service These Days Sucks

I swear, you can't go anywhere and get a nice smile and an easy return. Or even a decent amount of onion rings or a yogurt from Wendy's. After the incident at Applebee's I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

A friend recently tried returning a stroller that she was not comfortable using with her son. The man she talked to made the decision for her that her son looked comfortable enough in the stroller and would not allow her to return it. {GASP}

Then this evening I took the kids to Wendy's. I didn't make it to the grocery store today so there was still nothing in the fridge and I hadn't taken anything out of the freezer to cook so it was another drive thru night for us. I ask the kids if they would prefer a healthy snack of oranges or yogurt with their kids meals and Kadie wanted yogurt. Of course they no longer offer that... yet, it is STILL on their freakin' menu. How hard is it to remove or cover up so that people aren't expecting that item??? Oh, and I hear the man at drive thru tell the people behind me that baked potatoes were going to take 20 minutes. Needless to say, they drove off without ordering anything.

Lexi didn't want Wendy's, she wanted Burger King so since it was right across the street I let her have her way. I wanted to get something to go along with my 5 pc nuggets and chili from Wendy's but wasn't sure what I really wanted. Onion rings sounded good and they have a small listed on their dollar menu, perfect. NOT! I pull out the little bag to find THREE onion rings in it. Are you kidding me??? That is all the onion rings I get? Nope... I found some in the bottom of the bag. A whole TWO more... woohoo! 5 whole onion rings for $1. That's 20 cents per ring. WTF are they thinking??? So I'm trying to figure out if this is the norm and they are always ripping people off or if it's just me. My luck, it's just me. And to top it off, they tasted like rubber. Thank god for bbq sauce.

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tiffany said...

Yes I totally agree that the bastards at Burlington Coat Factory should get better customer service and let people return things in accordance with their return policy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerks! Haha about the oinion rings and the birds - they must like you!