Sunday, March 23, 2008

Because it is THAT good

Wife: Honey, I could really go for a Caramel Macchiato right about now.

Husband: And what would you like me to do about it? There aren't even any Starbucks close to us.

Wife: Well I just happened to stumble across the location finder on their website and there is one just two exits up the highway. That's not that far and it could be my Easter present {hint hint}

Husband: Two exits up, huh? Isn't that the airport exit?

Wife: Ummm, yah... it's over in that area. So, will you go get me one??

Husband: Woman, you are insane. You didn't even have cravings like this when you were pregnant.

Wife: So is that a yes??? Please? I'll make it up to you later...

Husband: You're impossible. Pack up the kids and lets go take a drive to feed your addiction. You can run in and get it.

Wife: Ok, let's go.


Wife: Ok, honey, turn here.

Husband: Where exactly is this place?

Wife: Oh, it's just a little further up here.

Husband: Wait a minute! The only thing further up the road is the airport. Honey?!

Wife: Ummm, yah, about that... you could just drop me at the door and circle around the airport and I should be right back out.

Husband: You really are crazy. I never would have brought you to the airport for a stupid coffee.

Wife: Watch it mister, thems is fightin' words and possible grounds for divorce.

Husband: (noticing the evil in her eyes just nodded and drove away)

***My interpretation of how a true story played out***

Ok, this is how it really went...

They are at Lowe's and about to leave. Wife says, "Can we go to the airport?" Husband just shakes his head and laughs. Then they are driving and she thinks he is going to the airport... instead he takes a left onto the highway. Wife says, "You don't love me do you? I can't believe you won't go. I get nothing for Easter and you can't even get me my coffee." He laughs again and keeps driving. Then he pulls off at another exit... she knows then he is going the back way to the airport. Oh yes baby!.

So... wife gets her Starbucks (friggen more expensive in the airport dammit). Then they are driving home and husband puts his hand out like he wants a drink. She looks at him and he is shaking. Wife says "What the frick is wrong with you?" He says he is having withdrawals, he takes a sip and goes, "AHHHHH so much better." The pecker was making fun of her...

That's the story... and here's to Tuesday at the softplay... can't wait!

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Tiffany said...

I like the new layout Bri! Aren't you glad, you junkie, that we live in town and have starbucks everywhere? Otherwise that story could be YOU!!!! haha