Monday, March 3, 2008

Attack of the Birds

How I forgot this little bit when I was talking about birds in my last blog, is beyond me.

I ventured to Target with the three little ones. It seems to be a common errand I run at least once a week. After the bird in the moonroof incident I remembered to close the windows this time. The birds are territorial around these parts.

I was loading the kids back up into the van when I made a crucial mistake. I decided to take this opportunity to purge the carseats of the plethora of crumbs they had acquired over the last week or 12. It was as if the birds could hear the crumbs flying through the air as they waited to pounce on them. Yes, pounce. Like the cute little vicious dinosaurs on Isla Sorna that attacked the little rich girl.

These birds were fearless. The inched closer to the car in hopes of grabbing more french fry and Goldfish remnants from the floor of my van. I jumped in the van to buckle in the kids and closed the sliding door behind me. I was terrified for my life... well maybe not my life, but I wanted to keep all my fingers and my eyes too.

The birds were swarming. I didn't need anymore birds in my car especially with all of us in it. I jumped up into the front seat like the little boy in Jurassic Park and closed the door. Literally, I felt as if I was stuck right in the middle of that movie when I could hear the birds clawing at the top of my van.

So maybe they weren't clawing, just landing and walking around, but still. It sounded freaky. Moments later, Kadie burst with joy at the sight of the birds flying away. Most likely in pursuit of another crumb laden minivan. That poor mom!

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