Friday, March 14, 2008

To Confirm Your Suspicion...

Yes, I am weird. Listen to this dream I had last night.

I took all 5 of my kids trick or treating by myself. I was pushing Sara, Adam & Kadie in the stroller and Lexi and Jacob were walking. Somehow we got split up. I went up a hill and the kids walking went down a street on the right. All of a sudden Lexi and Jacob come running up to me screaming that Lexi almost got hit by someone's car door. I yelled at them for wandering off and asked them what they were doing. Lexi said she was letting some kid drink her juice and he wouldn't give it back. I yelled at her again that she knew better, what was she thinking. We headed back down the hill and onto the next house. There were tons of people gathered around as we were walking by. These people were giving out scissors! The kids were throwing them in the air and people were walking by and taking one off the ground. I was so pissed that they would give those out for a Halloween treat and that they were throwing them around. I had babies in my stroller and they could have gotten hurt. We moved onto the next house and I was bitching to this lady. They were handing out little samples of cough drops. Not much better. So we decided to head home. The kids were mad because they only got a few things but I didn't care, I was done. We get home and I am yelling at them because they are mad that they have to come home when I see John sitting over at the neighbor's with his cousin. I scream at him and he says "What?" and laughs. I tell him not to "what" me and to get his ass over here now. He comes over and I just scream at him for being such an asshole. I said, "You were just going to sit over there listening to me yell at the kids and not come and help me, thanks!" Apparently he took Lexi and Jacob back out trick or treating with no costumes on. While he was gone his cousin came over to pick up some things. He picked up a pair of his shorts (daisy duke style) and I said, "Oh sorry, I borrowed those and something spilled on them. Hope it comes out." He said not to worry about it and went on his way. When John came back he had three huge bags full of stuff.

This part ends but then somehow we end up in the forest. There is a gorilla, our puppies, and a lab that looks like a black wolf. One lady that was with us actually walked up to pet the gorilla. As we were watching him he took a dump and proceeded to eat it. Nice, huh? We figured out that the lab was really nice and trained. I told him to sit, and he did so I gave him a treat. I told him to lie down and he did, so I gave him another treat. My sister asked which kind I was giving him, they were pumpkin flavored. She assured me that those kind were good but the one kind was nasty. Apparently her and the kids were eating them, yuck! All of a sudden I had driven to Windy's house but her yard was like a car junkyard. There were cars everywhere. When I pulled in, I took the only spot available and realized that she wasn't home so I better move. While I was trying to maneuver the car around I got stuck. A really hot fireman saw me and pulled over to help. We moved around some kids toys and were throwing peanuts over the fence into the garbage can. He was flirting with me so when Windy got home I invited him in. He put his arm around my waist and kissed me. I told him he had to go. He asked if I could come back the next weekend but I wasn't sure. He left and apparently so did Windy. It was just me, my sister and the wolf lab. I had the dog do some more tricks and then I found a bag of chips on the floor and hid in the laundry room to eat them. They were Windy's and she really liked the ones with lots of seasoning on them. I ate all the really good ones before she got home and told her I owed her a bag of chips. Good thing she likes me or else she might have been pissed.

That part ended and I was behind the scenes of American Idol. This one girl was on stage singing and she starts singing to this ugly fat guy that doesn't even look at her. He looks right into the camera. She then pulls him on stage to dance with him and he tries to take off her sweater so she kicks him off the stage. She then goes into how he is a fat ass and calling him all kinds of names. The other contestants behind the stage were all dressed in St. Patrick's Day get up. Some had togas on, others had tuxes on. They were all super excited that she was getting no love from the audience. She got to sing again right away and everyone was in total shock at how good she was. They were being really mean trying to make her trip or screw up. They were all so cruel and coniving that I went to find Paula to ask her if I could go talk to the other judges. She said she heard what happened and she missed me. She wishes I'd come back. I told her if things changed then I might be. I headed back to the judges loft and found Randy & Simon. I called for Randy, but called him Andy and he and Simon came over. As I started telling them about the incidents I saw this girl from my past popped up. Apparently she was one of the judges or a producer or something. She didn't understand what my problem was. She said this made the show what it was and they weren't going to kick anyone off for trying to better their own chances. Randy said they would look into and see what they could do. Simon promised it would be better for when they started again in August 2008. I said if it was better then I might be back then. I left to find Paula to let her know what was said.

That is when I woke up...

Now y'all think I'm totally crazy! LoL Maybe I should start analyzing my dreams in my blog. HA!

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tiffany said...

Dude Bri - your dreams are weird. Not that I can say much mine aren't much "better" but they surely aren't as detailed as yours - you must have a good memory.