Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Check Ups

Adam & Sara had their yearly check ups this morning. Both of them love going to the doctor. Adam asked for a sucker before we even got in the door. I had to drag them out of the waiting room because they were sucked into Finding Nemo.

Adam weighed in at 28 1/2 lbs and is 36 1/4" tall. He is in the 25th percentile for both, very proportionate, just small for his age.

Sara weighed in at 26 1/2 lbs and is 34 1/4" tall. She may weigh less than Adam but she has a bigger belly. His extra 2 inches in height gives him the 2lb advantage over her.

They are both doing well developmentally. While I took Adam to the bathroom, the doctor stayed in the room to play with Sara. I came back in to see her stacking blocks. Her tower was pretty straight for a 2 yr old. Adam was then asked to copy what the doctor was doing, in regards to the blocks. He did just what he was asked and he even grasped a 4 yr old concept.

Adam was in need of 5 immunizations but Miss Jamicka didn't want to give him more than 4 so she gave him the Pediarix which is a three in one deal. He did outstandingly well and was rewarded with a sticker and a sucker. So far he has done really well... no reactions, no fever, no pain.

I told our doctor and the nurses that we would only be back one more time... on the 16th for Lexi's checkup... since we will be moving. They were all sad. We have been going there since just after Sara was born. They have been great with us and it will be sad leaving, hopefully we have just as good of an experience after we move.

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Mama to a diva said...

It's hard leaving a pediatrician that you love! Best of luck finding a great one when you move!