Monday, February 2, 2009

Kadie Goes to School

I signed Kadie up for preschool three half days a week and today was her first day. We went a couple weeks ago to see if she would like it and she did. She wanted to stay when we had to leave. She talked about it for a week so I made the plunge and the dip in our bank account to get her signed up.

Ever since that day she has talked about going to school by herself. She would say "Am I going to school tomorrow?" and I would have to tell her no, not for another few days. We went and got her supplies she needed and the talking continued. She could not wait to start school.

I woke her up at 730 this morning (she usually gets to sleep in) and she got up without a hassle. I got her dressed, took some pictures and she ate breakfast. We got the kids off to school about 850 and then I had to drive back by the house because I forgot her shot records. Then we were on our way.

We got to the school just before 915. Guess I need to leave a little earlier (and not forget anything for school). She was uncharacteristically outgoing as we walked into the school. She led the way all the way to the classroom and then it happened. She tensed up... she clung to my leg... and I had to push her into the room. (Maybe it's a crowd thing, maybe she doesn't like big groups of people, she used to do this at playgroup too, hmmm). We talked to a couple teachers, both named Miss Melanie, and Kadie didn't want to talk or leave my side. We got her things in her cubby and her lunch with the other lunches and she even opted to put Ella (her baby doll) in her cubby (which surprised the heck out of me).

All the kids were making their way to the rug for music time and Kadie did not want to go. She did detach herself from my side and went to the puzzle table where Adam & Sara were playing but she did not want to go with the other kids. Miss Melanie finally said, "I can take her whenever you are ready." So I gave Kadie a hug (one from me and a tighter one from daddy) and told her I would be back at 1 to get her. Miss Melanie took her and I took the babies and left. I looked back as I walked out the door and saw her with her hands still up by her face but she never cried.

I hope her day goes better than her morning went. I felt a little bad just leaving her but I know it is for her own good. The whole point of her going to school now is so she can come out of her shell and not freak out every time I am not around. I can't wait to hear about her day.

When I picked her up she was all ready to go. She had her hat and jacket on with her backpack on her back, lined up at the door. She was too cute and all smiles. Miss Melanie said she did great. She was really quiet but she couldn't wait to see her back on Wednesday. I asked Kadie what she did today. She said she played with the sand table, swang on the swings outside and ate her lunch. Miss Melanie put her hair in a ponytail and when she was swinging she saw Chuck E. Cheese's. Other than that she didn't offer up any more information. She didn't bring home any coloring sheets and she says she didn't make any friends. She did say she had a lot of fun and wanted to go back.
She also yelled at me...
"What took you so long?"
Apparently I wasn't back soon enough, or she waited too long after putting her jacket on. Who knows?! She is now lying on the couch watching Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! I'm hoping she falls asleep from all the fun she had today.


Penz said...

How cute is that...seriously! Glad that you shared. i remember when the kids started new schools... :( now they could care less where they go..or even if they went. :)

C. Beth said...

I bet she will love it! Sounds like a great thing. I'm thinking about doing a similar program for Chickie next year.

Anna said...

So cute! I"m going to be a mess in September with Chris I'm sure!

Special K said...

So sweet! It's so hard to let them go those first weeks. I know it'll be a big ordeal for Sylvie this preschool year. Kadie is looking SO BIG!!!!!

Tiffany said...

LOVE the pics!! That backpack is almost as big as her lol. glad she had fun - I've heard such good things about Maggies!

Kim B. said...

I am from the QC moms group and thought I would check out your blog. Your kids are so cute! Leaving them at preschool for the first time is so exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. It took my twins almost 2 months before they started to open up and actually talk to the teachers and the other students. Let me know if you are going to be looking for a preschoo/pre-K program when you get moved and I can fill you in on where my girls go.