Monday, February 9, 2009

Got Ringtones???

I do! And lots of them. I love me some funny ring tones. My incoming calls would shout, "YO YO YO, I'm over here! Come and get me!" but I since changed it to say, "Mom. Mommy. Mama. Ma." courtesy of Stewie from The Family Guy. All thanks to a little place called, PhoneZoo. Go there to send FREE ringtones to your phone.

They have some hilarious stuff over there. I got the Wonder Pets singing, "You're phone. You're phone is ringing." which I will set to Christina's ringtone (even though she never calls anyone) since she has that on her phone so it makes me think of her. I also got, "Oh.My.God. I got a text message. Oh. My. God." obviously for when a text comes in LoL The hamster dance song is really funny and I also got that guy from American Idol singing, "I am your brother. Your best friend forever." for when my brother calls.

So if you haven't tried PhoneZoo, hop to it. And if you have, what are some ringtones you have? Any suggestions? Any song you want for me to set for you (ahem, Tiffany)? LoL


Anna said...

booooo it doesn't work on nextel!! need to get a new phone carrier cause those are really cool!

Penz said...

how crazy! i will get some later. :) thanks for the site!

Tiffany said...

So they are totally free? Cause you know my tightwad ass don't like to pay for stuff LMAO I will go check it out and find one for you to use on my ringer - promise

Tiffany said...

Ok I'm digging these:
Wii Sports theme, Peanut Butter Jelly time or Jumpy Jump Jump (foofa from yo gabba gabba).

Thanks for showing me that site I've stayed up til almost 12 looking at those damn things! Do I have to sign up? How does it work?