Monday, February 2, 2009

Movie Review Monday - Current Favorites

I didn't really watch anything this week but I did watch most of Matilda (and have seen it before) and I listened to Peter Pan Return to Neverland in the car for the last week straight. My kids love that movie and don't want me to send it back to Netflix. I might just have to report it missing LoL

Matilda - Starring Danny DeVito, Rhea Pearlman and Mara Wilson. Mara Wilson plays Matilda, a very bright and gifted child that is born into the worst family ever. Her parents leave her alone all day, don't listen to anything she says and her brother is just rotten to her. She finally gets to go to school and meets a teacher that has her best interests at heart and an evil principal that only wants to make her life more miserable. A fun movie for the whole family. It has something for everyone. My kids fought me when I suggested putting it on but as soon as they started watching they were glued to the tv. They LOVED it! The dancing, the music, the antics, the suspense... everything had them completely in love with this movie. I am so glad someone bought this for them for Christmas. Such a great movie.

Peter Pan: Return to Neverland - Wendy is all grown up and her daughter Jane is kidnapped by Captain Hook. Peter Pan has to save her. Jane doesn't believe in fairies which causes a problem for Tink, so the lost boys have to make her believe. I didn't actually get to watch this but my kids love it. They will watch it 24/7/365 if I let them. There are some hilarious parts... just from listening to the movie and I am sure I would love it as much as the kids do if I just had a chance to sit and watch it. If you like the original Peter Pan, you will love this one. Hook has some hilarious lines in this one. Check it out, you won't regret it.

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Penz said...

Jess loves Matilda..I like it too.

We just saw that Return to Neverland a few weeks ago on the Disney channel or something like that. Cute. No movies for us this weekend just the UFC 94 and Superbowl.