Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Notes From The Gifted Teacher

These notes are far and few between. (Is that even the saying?) Anyway, this teacher NEVER sends home notes and when she does, they are so vague the parents do not even know what she is talking about. The last incident involved a student project that only 3 students turned in (one of them was Lexi) and apparently they were all wrong. She insisted that all the students took home an instruction sheet but of three parents that I talked to, none of them received one. I asked Lexi what she was working on in class and we went off that. She must have done the wrong holiday or something because from what I understood we had all the elements that the rubric indicated for full credit. Again, I digress.

This morning Lexi told me to find her pants from yesterday because there was a note in her pocket. Why it wasn't in her folder was beyond me. I went in search of said note but her pockets were empty. I then found it on the floor next to the dirty laundry pile. Note reads:

Lexi - Pictures
Bacon Park Dump Site
Not open Mondays and Tuesdays
Several pictures

First of all. I am not a mind reader. I had to ask Lexi what that was supposed to mean. She says we are supposed to go to the Bacon Park Dump Site so she can take pictures. And when are we supposed to do this? And when do they need turned in by? And how am I expected to drop everything to go to a dump site? Second of all, are you freakin' kidding me. I have a husband that is away at school right now and 4 other kids. Unless I pay a babysitter $10 an hour to watch my kids while I go to the freakin' dump, there is no way this is happening. Ok, so I suppose I could get a friend to watch them for free, but I shouldn't have to rely on someone else just so Lexi can get her homework done. And I could take all the kids to the dump site, but that just isn't my cup of tea. I am not one of those moms that can take her many kids on adventures to educational places like museums and dumps. If I was, I would homeschool.

So am I being a little too over dramatic with this? I mean, should I really be expected to take her to the dump to get pictures for a school project or whatever it is? Cause really, I don't even know why the hell she needs to do this. And, like I said... I am not a mind reader. I can't be expected to decipher notes sent home in my child's pocket, can I?


Christina said...

WTF? I seriously would be writing back. That is insane.

C. Beth said...

That's weird. Call the teacher and negotiate a different assignment (and BETTER INSTRUCTIONS.)

Mama to a diva said...

I agree, that is weird. What an odd note too. I would contact the teacher and ask her exactly what she means and how you can work it out.

Tiffany said...

I agree that note is just so very odd. You would think that a teacher would be able to communicate what she wanted easily in a note you know since they did go to college and all that! lol

Call her up and ask her WTF she needs for this project and if she can't help you I'd be talking to the principal. With this last project being wrong these kinds of notes there is no way you'd have a clue what to do. You could take all the kids in the van and just leave them in the van while lex took pics - just an idea! Or bring them to alabama - i'll watch them LOL.