Monday, February 9, 2009

Movie Review Monday

We watched a couple movies this weekend. One is an oldie, but a goody, for the whole family and the other is new and funny, better reserved for after the kids are in bed.

Hook - Starring Dustin Hoffman as Captain James Hook, Robin Williams as an aged Peter Pan, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and even Glenn Close plays a dirty pirate. This movie dates back to 1991 and I remember it being one of my favorites growing up. Hook comes back to kidnap Peter's children in hopes of finally having his war. Peter Panning, Attorney at Law, sets out to find his kids in Neverland with the help of Tink. He has to remember that he really is Peter Pan and take on Hook to save his children. A great family movie full of action, comedy and drama. If your kids like the cartoon versions, they will almost for sure love this live action Peter Pan movie.

Step Brothers - Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play 40 yr old boys that still live with their parents. Their parents get married and decide to move in together. The "boys" must learn to get along and grow up in the process. Typical Will Ferrell movie. Hilarious. I did not watch the whole thing because we were watching it during the day while the kids were up and had to shut if off due to a couple sex scenes. The scenes didn't show much of anything, but there was lots of moaning and stuff. There is also a lot of swearing in this movie so it's a definite for after the kids are in bed. I usually don't like a lot of these types of movies but I thought this one was really funny.

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