Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Always The Soccer Mom

It's that time again... soccer season!

I did the crazy thing and signed up all five kids again. John volunteered to coach Jacob's team again this season and only ended up with three of the same players from his last team. It's the way AYSO works. I'm not fond of it, but it is what it is.

I, however, did not volunteer to coach again. I am kind of team mom for Sara's team (I run the website, send out emails, etc) and I was approached when Kadie's team did not have a coach. I originally said no; last season was just too stressful for me. Then I kind of gave in and told her only has a last resort. If it came down to me coaching or the team being disbanded, then I could decide then. Thankfully, though, I received an email from Kadie's coach just a few days later and I was off the hook.

It's not that I hate coaching, I just hate the politics of AYSO and the lack of help/common courtesy from the parents of the players. I had such a hard time getting anyone to do anything (like referee, since we are required to provide those), and getting parents to give me a heads up on their child's attendance at practice and games was like pulling teeth. I just was not going to get myself into that again.

Last season, with all five kids playing, John and I coaching one team, myself coaching another team and taking on team mom responsibilities, on top of the normal everyday mom stuff, it was just too much. I did finish out the season unscathed, but not without pissing off a few people in the process.

The lack of consistency among refs got under my skin more often than not and it lead to a lot of yelling. The girls blatantly ignoring my instructions had me wanting to rip my hair out. Parents not bringing their children to practices made me want to forfiet the remainder of our season. Spending hours upon hours at the soccer fields, lugging chairs and the tent from one field to the next, providing snacks for multiple games in one day and returning home just in time to make dinner and host our friends for Doctor Who night made for one cranky mama.

I do not want to be that crazy this season. I know it is an all volunteer organization so I will do what I can to still be helping out. I will send emails. I will make phone calls or send texts. I will order medals or trophies (just not the ones with pictures because that shit is expensive and I'm too cheap for that LoL). I will taxi children (even other people's children, if needed) to soccer practices and games. I will provide snacks. I will donate money. I will set up my canopy and bring my tables for the end of season potluck. I may even line ref. And if that is not enough, then I am sorry. My sanity is coming first!

I'll be the soccer mom sitting (read: standing) on the sidelines, cheering (read: yelling), taking pictures (read: holding my camera but watching the game), and enjoying seeing my kids do what they love. I'll be proud of the volunteering that I do. I'll cheer for my kids and get mad if another kid gets too rough. I won't apologize for getting loud. I'll pack up our stuff after the game and drag it over to the next one until we are done for the day and I will repeat this every Saturday until the end of the season.

This is who I am. I am the soccer mom everyone warns you about! Let the craziness begin!

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