Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

Or Christmas? I never have an answer to these questions. It's not that there is nothing I want, there just isn't ever anything I need. And the things I do want are so random and often times I just buy them when I have the money so there is never anything to actually put on my want list.

This year, however, I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday, January 12th.

First, I wanted Ohio State to make it into the College Football Playoffs. And they did, at the number 4 seed.

The second thing I wanted was for them to beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. And they did, magnificently.


I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. It was the only thing I had asked for since I found out they would be playing in the title game. I had faith they would come through, unlike many of the haters out there. I never doubted that our backup for our backup could pull it off, and he did!

CARDALE FREAKING JONES, Ezekiel Elliot, and the rest of THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES gave me exactly what I wanted for my birthday, and I couldn't be happier! Since I had to turn 30ish I am glad I could do so with a Buckeye win!

So thank you to everyone that had faith in our team! Thank you to all the haters that only fueled the fire to push them ahead in the playoffs. And thank you, Urban Meyer for being down to earth enough to know that winning wasn't a given, and leading those young men to the national stage where they were given the opportunity to prove to the world that THE Ohio State could stand on it's own two feet against the toughest opponents out there. Ohio Against the World!

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