Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thrive Day 2

Last night I ended up having a spinach salad with egg on top and a little too much red wine vinaigrette (I think the wine part got to me lol). For a snack I had 1/4 cup of refried beans with a tbsp of salsa on top. Surprising it is one of my go to foods. Who knew they were so good for you? 

I ended up running/walking over 4 miles last night while at my son's soccer practice. It was tougher than I anticipated since I was running on dirt instead of solid ground. I did it though, and it was my longest consecutive distance all week. 

My water intake did not get up to 12 cups like I had hoped. I only drank 8 cups yesterday. Being busy shouldn't be an excuse but I guess that's why I didn't drink as much water compared to the rest of the week.

Now onto Day 2 of this little experiment. I woke up with a slight headache, not quite sure where that came from. I went to bed feeling fine and slept well, too. I got up and weighed myself, like I do every morning, and I was at 140.something. I was kind of shocked that I dropped 3lbs since yesterday but chocked it up to the low calories from yesterday (I didn't even hit 1000) and the almost 400 calories I burned working out. I then re-weighed myself because I forgot what the exact number was and the second time I weighed in at 141.2. I'll still take it. 

After speaking to my friend yesterday, I decided to only take one of the Thrive tablets upon waking up. The instructions on the packet say to take 1-2 tablets and I took 2 yesterday and felt a bit dizzy. Maybe the caffeine was a little too much for me, I don't know. Today, I stuck to the one pill. I took a men's pill, instead of the women's. It is said to be stronger but the ingredients are exactly the same. The only difference is the order of ingredients in the proprietary blend and the women's contains 1mg more (527mg compared to 526mg in the men's proprietary blend). The blend contains things like caffeine, white tea extract, and kelp. I also noticed at the bottom it states that it contains shellfish. I do not personally have a shellfish allergy (or any allergy), but I did not notice that information yesterday. It was in the typical spot for placing allergens, though. 

I got distracted getting kids ready for soccer and didn't make my shake for an hour after I took my pill. I am supposed to make it 20-40 minutes after... Oops. I couldn't find a piece for my speed blender so I went with 10oz of milk, half a pack of the powder (as recommended by my friend), and roughly a tbsp of chocolate syrup. I was hoping to get some sugar free syrup but just hadn't gotten any yet so full sugar had to do.  It's not too bad in the milk, but it's also still pretty grainy even with having only used a half a packet. I started feeling a bit nauseated after finishing my shake but that didn't last long. 

Before heading out for soccer games I changed my Thrive DFT patch. I placed it on my thigh this time instead of my upper arm. It only bothered me a couple of times when I was a bit itchy in that area. Not sure if that was from the patch or just a coincidence. It didn't bother me the rest of the day. 

I kept up with my diet plan throughout the day. I drank my water (actually, I didn't drink that much today... Just over 4 cups so far at 850pm). I did stop into Panda Express but I stuck to a mostly veggie dish and only a small amount. I skipped Dairy Queen even though I wanted it lol 

I came back home and did a round of songs on Just Dance with the girls. Played 10 songs for a total of 200 calories burned. It was the only workout I did today (unless you count walking all over the soccer field this morning). And up until this evening I was really paying attention to what I was eating and drinking but I dedicated dinner as a cheat meal.

We had friends over for a very late Christmas. They brought delicious sweet rolls (which of course needed butter because butter makes everything better... Or is that chocolate... Or wine? I don't remember lol). We had an amazing homemade tomato soup for dinner but that was also low on calories, so that's a plus. 

To round out the night, I watched the girls play Just Dance (joining in for a couple songs) and drank a hard cider. The cider actually made me feel a bit light headed and gave me a headache about halfway through. Could just be that it's past my bedtime since I've been hitting the hay pretty early all week. 

Conclusion: Day 2 didn't make me dizzy like day 1 did. I did not notice a difference in my appetite. I did notice that of all the days this week, this one I feel the worst. Not in a really bad way... Just in a headache and tired way. I also dropped almost 3lbs since yesterday. Could be the Thrive system, or the fact I burned 400 calories yesterday and only consumed just under 1000 for the day. 

Come back tomorrow to see how day 3 goes! 

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