Monday, January 26, 2015

Soccer Saturday 1/24

I know it is a couple of days late but with the amount of stress I have been under with the new season already, I let myself get behind. Usually I post about soccer on Facebook but since my blog is back up and running I figured why not share here.

We started our Saturday with referee duty. John was going to center ref and Lexi was a line ref. She was not happy with me when I told her she would need to help her dad ref again this season. In fact, as they were leaving I could hear the argument her and her dad were having in the Jeep. Come to find out, John thought she was going to center ref but I promised her she only had to line ref. Luckily, this season, we have some parent volunteers so we aren't struggling to find referees at the last minute again. John said it was an easy game to ref but he did have a couple issues. One of the players kept walking off the field in the middle of the game and a parent got pretty heated with him when he made a call for handling. No one made him cry though, he's a big boy and handled it well. LOL

Following our referee assignment we had two 1030 games. Adam's u10 game was at field 2 and Jacob's u12 game was at field 6. I stayed with Adam and as soon as the game began I received a call from John asking me if I could track down the box with the game cards. He was told it would be at field 10. I hauled as across the parking lot and across two fields and could not find the box or anyone that knew anything about the game cards. I called him back and told him he was going to have to deal with it since I had already missed the whole first quarter of Adam's game.

Adam started out playing goalie, and from what I heard he made some stops and no one scored on him! He played defense the second quarter when the ref told us he wasnt allowed to goalkeep for more than one quarter (which I never heard last season AS A COACH but apparently it's a rule... do you sense a trend in no one having a clue around here?!). I kept having to remind him he was on defense because he likes to play the whole field. The last two quarters he played in the front... AND HE SCORED! He may be one of the smallest kids on the field but he is fast... and good! He definitely takes after his dad, in more than just looks. His team ended up winning 5-0!

I made it over to Jacob's game for the last quarter. They were down 5-4. Jacob was sitting out. He played goalie the first quarter, then played up the next two quarters. I'm not exactly sure what his position was but I heard he earned himself a hat trick. That means of the 4 goals scored, he made three of them! Definite proud parenting moment! He was already stripped out of his cleats, socks, and shinguards when I came over and he informed me his cleats were too small. Thankfully Lexi has two pairs and one is a men's size 7 so those should be good for Jacob to wear this season so I don't have to run out and buy him a new pair. Anyway, from what I saw in the game, the boys played great. They hadn't even had a single practice and only lost by 2. Oh, the other team scored while I was there. It was this super fast midget, er dwarf, er what is the proper term here? He had an amazing leg on him, too! I was impressed! Not by the fact he was a midget, or dwarf, or little person, but for a u12 player he had a very strong leg on him.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good Saturday of Soccer despite the few hiccups at the beginning of the day. This coming weekend we have three games. Two at 9am followed by ref duty at 1030, ref duty at 12, and the last game at 130pm. Now to decide if we stay out there all day to help ref or if we leave it up to other volunteers and come home in between.

Come back next Saturday for a new edition of Soccer Saturday and see how it plays out!


Tiffany said...

Goodness girl I don't know how you manage all of their activities! I guess at least they play a similar sport so thats good. Sounds like it was a great weekend.

Bri said...

It's a pain in the ass, I tell ya! I don't know how I manage most days, either!