Thursday, January 22, 2015

Water, Water, and More Water

After having started my diet on Monday, I have been keeping track of my water intake. I was never very good at drinking water, it's just not my thing. Now, though, I need to drink it... a lot. It's so important, especially here in Hawaii where the sun can be quite brutal, even on a not so hot day.

I was curious as to how much water I should actually be drinking so I did a quick Google search to find out. I love GOOGLE! It didn't take long to find a formula for figuring out just how much water any given person should be consuming on a daily basis.

The calculation goes like this: take your weight (mine: 144), multiply by 2/3 (or 0.67), and add 12oz for every 30 minutes of exercise or activity you have done (or will be doing). According to this, my water goal should be 132oz! Holy, crap! I'm pretty sure I would float.

Actually, I am pretty sure I am already starting to float away. On Tuesday, after only drinking roughly 48oz of water I had already peed 6 times. Some of those times did not turn out so pretty. And by "not so pretty" I mean I had pee dribbling down my leg... not once, TWICE! I'd like to say I am embarrassed by this but A. I was at home when it happened, and B. I've given birth six times... so yeah, it is what it is.

The first time it happened I was walking home from Starbucks (see?! I even get my coffee when I am working out), and realized I had to pee. We were coming up to the house and I made a mad dash for the door. One problem, my youngest son also had to pee and he made it to the downstairs bathroom before I could which meant I had to run upstairs to the master bathroom. Needless to say, I didn't quite make it. Off came my jeans and on went the yoga shorts.

The second time it happened we had just finished playing Just Dance 2014. I had danced to 10 songs, totally almost 45 minutes of cardio activity, and I needed a drink of water. I tipped back my Hydroflask (best invention ever!) and no sooner did the water hit my lips that my bladder decided it was ready to burst. Again, the downstairs bathroom was occupied so I flew up the stairs only to AGAIN not quite make it. Off with the yoga shorts and on with the running shorts.

I continued to down my water throughout the day despite my bladder continuously yelling at me. I made sure to stop whatever I was doing and made a beeline for the closest potty like a toddler wearing panties for the first time. It worked! No more accidents for this mama! LoL Although I did almost pee my pants when I read I needed another 52oz if I was going to reach my goal for the day. 80oz was all I could handle, though.

Water and Bri are not on the best of terms yet. One of these days I may meet that goal, but I won't hold my breath (for fear of peeing my pants if I do!)

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