Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 3 of Thriving It

I woke up with a slight headache this morning but promptly took my Thrive capsules for women. I went back to two today thinking maybe my headache last night had to do with the low amount of caffeine I had yesterday. I then made myself a homemade mocha with a coffee k-cup and a packet of Swiss miss hot chocolate plus 1/4 cup of milk. Combined, they have less calories than the cafe mocha packets I have from Starbucks. I was feeling a bit nauseas again which could be due to the presence of Aunt Flo this week. 

If I'm being honest, she's been nagging me since Tuesday off and on. Not quite sure what the deal with that is. I've never had it come and go like this and I'm wondering if it has to do with me dieting or the Thrive screwing with my system or a combination of the two. I did have some reproductive issues within the last couple of years and I am hoping that is unrelated to the current weirdness I've been experiencing. 

About 30 minutes after taking the Thrive Lifestyle Capsules I made my Thrive shake. Ice, 2oz fresh squeezed orange juice, 5.3oz Greek yogurt (strawberry banana flavored), and half of the premium lifestyle mix blended together in a speed blender for a total of 164 calories. It's like having a milkshake for breakfast... Yum! The grainy feeling is still there but it's manageable. I imagine the only people who might have a problem with it is those that do not deal with textures well. There are certain things I can't eat due to texture issues but mostly that's just mushy stuff. I'm fine with the shake, though.

Around 10am I removed my Thrive DFT patch from yesterday and placed a new patch on my right shoulder. It was a bit itchy for a bit but it didn't last long. Then I headed to Starbucks with my younger girls this morning for a nice 4 mile workout. Our pace was really good for me walking with two little girls and I ended up burning almost 400 calories. I stuck to water from Starbucks while they opted for delicious, fatty frappuccinos. 

In the afternoon we went to the park and played with their new hula hoops. I managed 10 minutes with my middle daughter's hoop and could have went longer but she was itching to get it back. I snuck in some arm hangs, 10 elevated push ups and 10 reverse pull ups too for added measure. The hula hooping alone burned 70 calories. If I could manage some arm weights while doing it it would make for a great workout. Wonder if I could do a full 30 minute workout? Guess I will be checking out Pinterest and YouTube for ideas ;) 

This evening I noticed my appetite has been slightly less today than it has been all week. I was chalking it up to Aunt Flo's visit all week and figure that's why I've felt so hungry. Even still, I have avoided sweets and stuck to natural sugars in fruit and yogurt to hold me over. I am up to 955 calories for the day without having dinner yet but I don't plan on going over calories. Hubby is cooking and usually that means delicious, Pinterest found, football watching style dishes. Seems he had me in mind when he found tonight's recipe. 

Dinner is planned as a one dish meal. Chicken breast, fresh green beans, and diced potatoes with some Italian seasoning and butter. I'll keep my portion sizes small and try to not eat too many potatoes... I love potatoes though! Lol 

I've managed only 6 cups of water so far today at 6:20pm and I am hoping to get through another 4 cups by the end of the night. Aside from the hard cider I drank last night, I have drank nothing but water all week. And aside from having to pee all the time, it's been great. I haven't even wanted anything else to drink. Ok, I lied. I also had Starbucks and home-brewed coffee a few times but I don't count those ;)

I will say that my stress level seems a bit lower and my energy hasn't been this great in forever. Probably since the first kid popped out lol There hasn't been really any cravings, except for the nicotine habit I started two+ years ago but I am hoping Thrive will help with that too. 

Conclusion Day 3: The site of the patch gets itchy at times. My cravings have been diminished to pretty much non-existent. My energy level has increased a bit {read as: not feeling like I need a nap at 3pm every day}. And I don't feel quite as stressed as usual. Is that the Thrive Lifestyle? Guess we will see what day 4 has in store. 

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