Monday, January 26, 2015

Thrive Day 4

I woke up this morning with a headache again. No idea what is going on with that but it's very irritating. Usually if I wake up with a headache it's because I slept like crap but I've actually been sleeping rather well, at least it feels like I am. I'm not tossing and turning like usual and I'm not remembering my dreams either, which isn't typical for me.

The headache is probably a side effect of Aunt Flo's horrendous visit but the dull pain faded quickly after I took my Thrive capsules this morning. I took two of the women's pills again followed by a homemade mocha. Can I just say how much I love my Kuerig! I am so glad my husband bought it for me for Christmas after wanting one for so long. It is so convenient... but I digress.

I didn't do my Thrive shake this morning because A. I was down to the last gallon of milk and it was sitting at about 1/8th. With 5 kids, that just isn't enough milk. B. I also was on my last container of yogurt and out of orange juice and didn't feel like squeezing a whole orange for a measily 2 ounces of juice. So I stuck with my coffee with a little milk, because that's how I like it and went without the shake. 

I changed my DFT patch around 10am and placed a new one on my right thigh. The sticky residue left on my arm was a pain in the ass to get off even with a lot of scrubbing. That's a little irritating and not a major turn off but no one wants to walk around with a square sticky spot on their arm in Hawaii.

I only drank about 6 cups of water today and I didn't do any exercise but Idid stick to a minimal diet. Nothing has sounded good today so up until now all I have eaten is a container of Greek yogurt, 3oz of raw baby carrots, 3 oz of baked chicken and 2oz of baked potato with no skin (leftovers from last night). 

This evening has been hectic and stressful. I was on the go from 345pm til 645pm. Soccer season started back up last week and with 5 kids playing I am shuttling kids back and forth between practices. I dropped Sara off at 4 and did some math work with Adam while we were waiting to take Kadie to her practice. Dropped Kadie off at her practice at 5 and made a stop in the Starbucks drive thru for a much needed Triple Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato. Then a quick run through Safeway for milk, bread, yogurt, and salsa. Yes, that is all I got. Shocker. And it cost me over $40 for 2 gallons of moo juice, 4 loaves of sandwich slices, 8 individual tubs of bacteria fermented milk, and a jar of tomato mush. Don't you just love the idea of living in paradise?! Anyway, after that I get a text from Jacob asking if I am picking them up from soccer practice at the school so I head over there. Jacob decided he was just going to walk home and Lexi, being the lazy one, opted for a ride. I dropped her and the groceries at home and then rushed backed to Sara's practice that was originally supposed to end at 6 but they were planning on 530 and it was already 527. I got there about 538 and they weren't done. They finished at 6... grr. Left from there and went back to get Kadie at her practice. Found out they may have games in other cities which frustrates me but what can you do? Finally get back home so the kids can eat dinner and shower before bed. I walk in the kitchen and my youngest has spilled homemade tomato soup all over the stove. She tried cleaning it up but not very well. The kids were grating on my nerves so I came outside with my tablet and here I sit typing this blog listening to two lizards fight over who's territory is the porch. 

I still have not eaten dinner but I think I am going to heat up a bowl of that delicious tomato soup.. or I could just sop up the mess from the stove with a slice of that processed wheat I bought from the store. Regardless, I better decide quick because 8pm is sneaking up on me and that's my food cutoff. 

Conclusion: Day 4 sucked. A combination of my monthly friend, skipping the Thrive shake, not eating much today, and running around all evening like a chicken with my head cut off, I am sure. Moral of the story... don't skip the shake, eat more food, and for the love of all things holy, DO NOT try to go to the store for a few essentials when you only have 30 minutes and two children in tow.

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