Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun Photo Friday - Nothing New?

I opened up my picture folder to find that I had not put anything new in there since last week. How sad is that? Even sadder is the fact that I don't think I have taken very many pictures this last week because I think the batteries on my camera died. I know we tried taking some last weekend while decorating the tree so I am in search of those. I found 45 pictures on memory card 1... now to see if there is anything good. Memory card 2 had only 28 pictures on it... and I think I just saw some halloween pictures uploading... hmmm, what is on that card? Seems to be taking awhile... oh, must be videos from Sara's birthday and just pure randomness from Kadie playing with the camera.

Finally finished uploading to my computer... now for your viewing pleasure:

The lights on the tree, before the kids started decorating it

The finished product


Tiffany said...

Wow your hair looks super good in that last pic! The kids did a good job with the tree. Wyatt didn't and still doens't want anything to do with putting stuff ON the tree - he is cool with taking stuff off just not putting it on. Oh well probably better since he does have that whole throwing things when they won't do what he wants thing going

C. Beth said...

I really like the pic with all the kids and the dog and your DH--and I'm totally impressed you can EVER get a good pic with all five kids! Supermom!