Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I hope you like Dora!

On Saturday night, Sarah from work came over to make cookies. She ended up staying all night because it was getting pretty late and we also wanted to make breakfast to take to work on Sunday morning. We went to sleep in my bed and left John in the living room putting together Santa gifts. I called out to John to ask him to pick up a toothbrush for Sarah so she could brush her teeth in the morning (he was making a late night trip to Walgreen's anyways, so he agreed).

The next morning I asked if he had gotten a toothbrush for Sarah. He said no... in a "but I really did" sort of way. I was a bit confused at first until I realized that he thought I meant Sara needed a toothbrush for her stocking and he put it in there.

I quickly grabbed it without any of the older kids realizing what was going on and gave it to Sarah saying, "I hope you like Dora!" What the heck... it might have been a toddler toothbrush but it got the job done, right?

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