Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis the Season for Selfishness

My mom's side of the family used to get together every Christmas night. At one point we would even do a gift exchange. Some where along the line someone decided the gift exchange was too much for them and that was dropped. It then turned into a potluck with the family where everyone got a Christmas card/gift from Grandma. Grandma is now in Florida but she sends a little something for everyone every year and we meet at someone's house so the kids can open their gifts and see people that we haven't seen all year. The potluck is usually a good enough reason to go. Lately though, it seems no one wants to host such an ordeal anymore. Only two of the five living siblings are able to host but their houses are out in the sticks. I usually try to make an appearance but juggling between families was always hard... I still made an effort. My mom rarely could come anymore and it seemed no one really even had any fun. Last year we just sat around watching the kids run around, eating munchies with football on in the background. No one really talked... we ate, we opened presents, and we said our goodbyes.

This year, I have learned, that there will be no gathering with my mom's side of the family. I actually am not even sure how I really feel about this. The reasons they aren't getting together are purely selfish... no one wants to host. The two that always host don't want to do it again. Really? Is it that much of a pain to have your family over ONE freakin' day out of the year. I realize it is a big family but really, you never see these people anymore. Two others have houses that are way too small to host and fitting this family in there just would not work so that is not an option. I'm not sure why my mom doesn't host... she probably has to work and besides, would anyone really come? Probably not.

Another option might be to have a get together at a restaurant somewhere on a night other than Christmas but again, would anyone really come? My guess is no. I have invited all of these people the every birthday party we have ever had when we were in town but there was always something else going on so they couldn't make it. I'm not sure when family because less about the whole than about the one.

Oh well, I guess traditions change. After all, we aren't doing Christmas Even with my in-laws like we usually do since John's brother won't be able to make it. What's another change in plans?

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Tiffany said...

I'm sorry that a few are ruining it for the whole bunch. Just try to think about it as less hassle you have to deal with. Now you'll be able to just enjoy your trip and your time with the important people instead of having to juggle everything.