Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday A.C.!!!!

Three years ago today, to the hour, I was laboring with Adam knowing it was not going to take that long. I was induced around 7pm on December 30th 2005. My contractions were almost instantaneous. The nurse kept telling me that she would check me whenever I wanted, but anytime I asked she had some reason why she was going to wait... Around 1130pm I finally conceded and told her I would get up and shower and then she could check me. As I got up to shower I joked that he could still be born before midnight. (I didn't want him born on my cousin's birthday and I had anticipated laboring longer than 5hrs). Adam however, had different plans. He made his arrival into this world at 1159pm (12:01am if you go by the wall clock, but that is another argument). John was on his way home from Iraq so he was not there to cut the cord... I asked to do it, and OMG it was the most amazing thing. I had the biggest smile on my face (I would share the picture if I had it). Daddy got to meet his baby boy 6 days later.

Mommy loves you, Adam Badam! I cannot believe how big you have gotten, how smart you are and how stinkin' cute you can be. I love all your hugs and kisses and all the silly things you do (except when you steal my Starbucks LoL). Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy!

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Special K said...

Happy Birthday to AC!!!! What a cutie pie!!! He really got his personality expressions early one. So adorable! I do have to ask, does he have the chicken poz in the pic with the scooter? I haven't seen them in too long...Poor thing if he suffered through those! Hope you are enjoying your little guy!

Bri said...

No he did not have chicken pox although MANY people thought he did... you should seen the looks we got when out at playplaces and such LoL We had a really bad problem with mosquitoes IN the house and he was the one they liked the best. He looked TERRIBLE. His legs were covered and looked way worse than what you see in the that picture.

Jannie said...

Wow, that's beautiful.

Love the Daddy in cardboard, but that's how it's got to be sometimes, right?

Bri said...

That was how we got our daddy fix for 15 mths! The babies just loved being able to see him and give him kisses. It made seeing daddy for real a much easier transition.

Tiffany said...

He had grown up SOO much since we've known him. I'm really going to miss his big old hugs. Ok I'm going now before I start crying - give them all a hug for me.