Monday, December 8, 2008

Movie Review Monday - Lots of 'Em

I have seen more movies in the last couple of weeks than I think I have seen in the last 6 months LoL I even got to see one at the theaters and am going back this week to see another (this time with the hubby)!

Let me see if I can remember what all I have seen. The Spiderwick Chronicles, I finally watched it after having it here from Netflix for like 6wks. John and I watched Fool's Gold together, we both liked it... I think he may have more than I did, heehee! While John was on staff duty I watched Made of Honor since I knew he really wouldn't care about that. On Wednesday after Mom's Night Out with some friends, we went to see Four Christmases with two of John's free tickets he won by answering James Bond Trivia. He said it was ok as long as we used the other two to go see Quantum of Solace (which we will be this week). It was very nice of him. My kids have watched Wall - E but I still haven't see it and John watched NCIS Season 5 disk 1 FINALLY!!! So now we are waiting on disk 2 for him, and I believe Leatherheads is the next one on my queue although, I'm thinking I just bought that on Black Friday. Shhh, it might be a Christmas present that I forgot about HAHAHAHA! Oops, oh well. Maybe I will watch Wall-E this week and then I can do Movie Review Monday on that and Quantum of Solace. Now on with the reviews...

Spiderwick Chronicles: Interesting movie. Kind of scary at some parts. A movie for the entire family... has something for everyone. It follows a family that moves into an old relatives house. One of the children uncovers a field guide that is not meant to be read unleashing trouble on everyone in the house. The kids must set out to stop what they started and get everything back the way it was. My kids absolutely LOVE this movie. They all were very sad when I sent it back. This will definitely be one we buy on DVD. It keeps the kids entertained which is always a major plus when sitting down to watch a movie. I would rate this a 5 (Loved It!) on Netflix for no other reason than my kids loved the heck out of it. I'm more in the Really Liked It crowd.

Fool's Gold: An estranged couple find themselves pulled back together in search of a treasure they had devoted their entire relationship to. Full of awkward moments, witty comments and clutzy accidents. Let's not forget the undeniable romance factor that has to be thrown in or else this would not be a good chick flick. John really liked it, as did I. Definitely one to watch again. 4 out of 5 stars as I think it could have been much funnier. I will give it credit for not being as predictable as it could have been though. Major props there.

Made of Honor: This movie is about a platonic friendship between Tom & Hannah (played by Patrick Dempsey & Michelle Monoghan) He is a serial dater and she wants to get married only she hasn't found the right one, until now. Tom realizes he is in love with Hannah and before being able to tell her she announces her engagement and asks him to be her maid of honor. Not wanting to lose her, he agrees but enlists the help of his friends to make him the best maid of honor ever in an attempt to woo Hannah and stop the wedding. (Sometimes I'm not very good at summarizing a movie so I got my inspiration from IMDb. Check them out for anything movie related!) I thought it was a pretty good movie. It wasn't that great, but it could have been much worse. Worth renting though. Quite a few funny parts thrown in with the romantic entanglements. 3 out of 5 stars. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself but if someone else wanted to watch it or bought it for me, I would watch it again.

Four Christmases: Funny movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. A couple that both want nothing more than to just be themselves the way they are without marriage or kids gets turned around from their usual Christmas in a tropical place away from their families finds themselves having to visit both sets of divorced parents in one. That means Christmas with his dad, her dad, his mom and her mom and the rest of the dysfunctional families all in one LONG day. Their relationship is put to the ultimate test. 4 out of 5 stars for me. I really liked it. It could have been much funnier, which would have made me love it. All in all, it was a pretty original movie but something that so many people can relate to as they deal with the same things every Christmas. Maybe one of these days we can SKIP Christmas.

Speaking of skipping Christmas... here is another review for you...

Christmas with the Kranks: I watched this I think last year but I thought now would be the perfect time to review it. Starring Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis this movie follows a couple that decides to fore go the loads of money they spend on Christmas every year and use that money to go on a tropical vacation. Their daughter is away at college with no plans of coming home so they see no harm in skipping Christmas. That means no Christmas party, no gifts, no decorations and definitely no Frosty on the roof which sets off the entire neighborhood. At the last minute plans change and they have to bust their butts to pull off Christmas after all. Just thinking about the movie I am laughing... very funny. Loved it!

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