Friday, November 14, 2008

On The Radio

John is always bragging about how he got the trivia questions right that they ask in the morning on Kix 96. He seriously is a huge ball of useless knowledge. Remember? He kicked our asses in Trivial Pursuit the other night. Yah... so... I knew it was just a matter of time before he put the crap he knows to some real use. I keep telling him he needs to go on Jeopardy, but he won't.

Anyways, he left for work this morning shortly before 8. He called me at 815 to tell me to turn on the radio. I turn Lexi's radio to the right station and turn it up loud so that I can hear when the song ends and the talking begins. Not two minutes later the song is done and the hosts start talking about movies and the trivia for the day.

Bond movies... more accurately, who played Bond in certain movies. I couldn't tell you what the questions were. I know the first answer was Sean Connery. And the stumper question was a guy that only ever played Bond that ONE time. And as you guessed it... my husband got all three right! They were thoroughly impressed and the kids and I were beaming. They were so excited to hear their dad on the radio. I loved how genuinely excited John was that he actually got through and won since that seems to be the highlight of his day (besides coming home to his drop dead gorgeous wife of course).

Dutch tells him he just won a 4 pack of movie tickets to see Quantum of Solace or any other movie, maybe High School Musical 3. Nancy interjects with "You probably couldn't PAY him to see that." To which John replies, "I already took my kids to see that one." It was really funny.

As soon as he said his name my phone rang again. I knew it wasn't John calling back since that wasn't his ring tone but I had a feeling it was someone that heard him on the radio. It was Lexi's friend's mom calling to see if that was really John on the radio. See honey, I wasn't the only one listening LoL She knew she recognized his voice and when he said he had already taken his kids to see HSM3 she just knew it had to be him... hearing his name just sealed the deal.

John called back as I was talking to her to let me know he would be using one of those tickets to go see Quantum of Solace. I guess we can save the other three and get a couple more tickets with our bank reward points so we can take the kids to see Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. Or maybe I will tag along for the Bond movie. He would tag along to see a chick flick with me, it would be a well deserved date night. I guess we will see how it plays out.

Oh, and congrats honey! You rocked that trivia! Such a proud wifey moment LoL


Tiffany said...

Good job john! I heard that movie was supposed to be pretty good - you'll both have a good time.

Guess jimmy is screwed - he didn't win anything today and he doesn't get to come home to anything remotely close to gorgeous. Oh well.

Christina said...


C. Beth said...

So cool!!! How fun to hear him!

Mama to a diva said...

Very cool!

Sandi said...

That's awesome! I won a mug with some coffee last week, off our local radio station. I'm apparently the only one who knows the job description of a two truck driver! Thank God for useless knowledge!

Becky said...

How fun! Both for him to be on the radio, AND to win free movie tickets!