Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun Photo Friday - Part 1

On Tuesday I loaded the kids into the wagon to go vote. You may have read about that here, already. I just found my memory card reader so I could upload my pics from the last week so I wanted to share the picture of my kids going to vote with me. It was our first time, EVER! I was going to have a sitter keep them but they wanted to go and I figured it would be a good distraction for me if we had to wait. I made sure to load up on snacks and juice boxes so I could keep them happy at snack time. Those were not needed but I did reward them with them after the 5 minutes it took to vote. I might just make it a tradition to take them with me if at all possible. It is proven that kids are more likely to vote when they reach legality if their parents vote. I don't want them to waste 9 years like I did. They have the right and the obligation to vote at 18, and I would like them to do that and feel proud of their country for giving them those rights. So here they are, all decked out to "vote" for the first time.

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Tiffany said...

LMAO they all look so very patriotic and proud!! I'm glad that you took them and that they were able to see you vote for the first time. It's super important and your right it is something that will be more important to them if it is to you. Good job - even though we didn't win. Oh well can't win them all and even in the Bible not all of God's choosen Kings were the best. Four years will be over before we know it!