Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Ring Test

Everyone knows there are tons of old wives tales that you can do to determine the sex of your child when pregnant. Everyone also knows that for a lot of people, these are very accurate. For instance, the Ancient Chinese Birth Gender chart was always spot on for me. It was right every. single. time. and it was right for most of the people I used it on. Granted, you have to know your exact month of conception or it will be wrong. Like, if I were to get pregnant now... I wouldn't know my month of conception since my husband had the big V and I have been having my period semi-regularly.

Anyways, over on The Glamorous Life, Whitney was talking about the ring test and other old wives tales to determine the gender of her baby. It got me thinking about if it would be right for me... so I took off my necklace, threaded my ring onto it and hung it over my belly.

I held it still over my belly and it began to circle. It kept circling for a long while... it didn't stop and start circling again so I am thinking this was representative of my first two girls, Abrielle (my angel baby) and Lexi (my almost 8 yr old). It then switched from circling to swinging, indicating a boy. Then back to circling, then swinging, then circling again. Ta-da! All my kids, in the exact order they were born.

But, wait a minute! What is this? It went back to swinging before coming to a stand still. I know this is all fiddle faddle to some but seriously, I am a bit freaked out. One minute I would love another baby, then the next I'm wonder if someone had slipped something into my drink to make me think that. Everyone always jokes that I need a 6th and that I need a boy to even it up. The joke would really be on me now, huh? Now, I know I am not pregnant now... my husband had a vasectomy a long time ago (although I've heard too many stories of women getting preggo after those) and I have been experiencing that dreadful time of the month, at least every 6 wks (although I have also heard of women still having their periods while preggo too). Holy cow... I think I'm doomed, or blessed, or both! Only time will tell, I guess.

Stay tuned to find out if it's just a freaky hoax or if I really end up pregnant somewhere down the road. :p

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Tiffany said...

I'm just gonna say LOL to this. You freak out every single month and you haven't been preggo once. I'm thinking his snippy snip probably worked. Maybe that last swing represented your husband since they are after all just another kid for us to take care of right? (no offense John) LOL