Monday, November 3, 2008

Broken Eggs

Inevitably when you go grocery shopping you will pick up a dozen eggs to find, at the most, only 11 of them intact. That was the case this morning with EVERY dozen I picked up. Some of the dozens were even expired. Yuck! I happened to find two dozens that were dated for almost 3 weeks from now so I swapped out my broken egg for a perfect one from the other dozen. All was well.

I checked out... spending well under my budget. In fact, I used my pay check from this last week to pay for the groceries so it didn't even come out of our budget at all. I like to pretend that I don't work so that my paycheck can just be "extra" and it has been oh so nice. Since I don't have to pay daycare, it all works out. It was nice having a cart stuffed full of groceries to get us through the next two weeks for under $200. Yup, less than $200 for a family of 7. I even got meat. The milk won't last us that long but at least I know we have meals to eat.

I digress... back to the point of this blog. As I opened my trunk to load in all the groceries I realized I hadn't taken the wagon out and would need to fill that will my mass amount of plastic bags. I alway buy more food than my reusable bags will hold and I always leave them at home anyways. I swear I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. (Wow, I just cannot stay on topic, can I? LoL).

The bagger and I start loading up my trunk and I finish it up by putting the eggs right on top. Actually, I was going to, but then I moved them because I didn't want them to fall. I set them on the left side, between the side of the van and the handle to the wagon. Bad idea! The entire dozen slid down and hit the floor of the van. I scooped up the bag expecting to find an entire dozen eggs wasted. I was upset at myself for doing that but then again, it was just eggs so I wasn't really mad. I wasn't worried about losing $1.20 worth of eggs and I had little reason too... because my eggs were just fine. Well, 11 of them were!

Guess that is what I get for swapping out the eggs. I had never done that before, but then again I never had to. Oh well, that will teach me. Next time, I will just take 11 good eggs if that is all that is available. Mind your karma!

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Tiffany said...

Or you could swap out your 1 bad egg and then put them where they won't get broken and you'll be good to go AND have 12 good eggs! LOL I always swap out any broken eggs - why on earth pay for them if they are broken. Any expired (thats SOOOO nasty that you found expired cartons) or ones that don't sell go back to the vendor so the store doesn't even pay for them. It had nothing to do with karma - it had to do with your putting your eggs in a bad spot sugar!!