Friday, November 7, 2008

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Friends

A 25 yr old Ohio woman was arrested today for shoplifting a small bottle of Infant's Tylenol from her local Walmart. A single woman, working in health care, with no children... so why was she stealing the $6 over the counter pain reliever?

She wasn't. Her friends were. She was meeting them for lunch but before they could make it there the three were stopped and held at Walmart for questioning. The three were asked to empty their purses. The 25 yr old not knowing the Tylenol was in her purse denied having done anything wrong. The other two girls had over $600 worth of merchandise in their possession.

The police were called and all three were arrested. The first two were banned from Walmart for their rest of their lives and the other was taken out in handcuffs by a separate officer. She was held down at the station where she was informed she would have to make an appearance in court. It was entirely up to the judge if this offense would become part of her permanent record.

Not wanting anyone to know that she was arrested, she walked from the police station to her house where she switched from sneakers to roller blades to go retrieve her car from the Walmart parking lot. Upon arrival she found her roommate's car parked diagonally from hers and knew she would have to tell her what had happened. (She also called her sister to tell her).

The moral of the story... real friends wouldn't stash stolen goods in your purse without your permission :)

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HnySSweet said...

So what happened to her? I'm on needles here! LOL

It's a shame I have too many friends like that...