Monday, November 17, 2008

Movie Review Monday - Hmmm

I'm sitting here trying to remember if I have seen any movies in the last week and no, I don't think so. I had to send back The Manchurian Candidate because it was cracked. I also sent back Happily N'ever After (that I never got to watch) since I finally found it. I never watched Secret Window either, just sent it back. Now we have another copy of The Manchurian Candidate, The Spiderwick Chronicles and NCIS Season 5 disc 1. Still, I have not watched anything because I just have not had two hours to be able to. With working and just being a mom to 5 has been taking up all my time. I haven't even been online much in the last week (big improvement from multiple times a day and all day if I could procrastinate long enough and not feel guilty about it). Maybe I can watch a movie today still but no promises... it is already 320 and the big kids will be home from school in about 25 minutes. Hubby should be home by 5 (if all goes well). Adam has his "award ceremony" for soccer at 530 and then Lexi is making up her missed night of tumbling tonight at 7 (if I don't forget LoL). So, we will see. For now you can check out my new blog, You're a Poet and Didn't Know It


Tiffany said...

So did you watch anything considering you missed Adams soccer and Lexi's make up practice? Just wondering. Have you seen that Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie? I'm trying to remember but there was another movie I was wondering if you saw. Hmm I will have to ask jimmy.

Bri said...

No I sure didnt... I was too stressed to do anything. I did some retail therapy instead. I returned that bluray player and ended up with a Sears gift card with almost $400 on it.

No I havent seen the Sarah Marshall one but I want too.