Thursday, November 20, 2008

Savannah Recycles!

It has happened! The city of Savannah has finally added recycling bins at the curb to encourage more residents to recycle. I have already set aside two recyclable items since getting home at 1245. I see this being a huge success, in our house and for the whole city. Way to go, city officials!

I am reading up on the FAQs of the curbside recycling and it will be a twice monthly pick up on the same day as your trash day. Curbside pickup with officially begin January 5th 2009. So, Savannah, start separating your recyclables from your trash and help make Savannah and the rest of the planet a better place. You CAN make a difference!


Tiffany said...

I'm excited about the new cans! Sure they start this 40 days before I move - jerks! I'm glad that they have it though it will make it so much easier for people to help the environment a little bit.

C. Beth said...

That is fantastic!