Friday, December 19, 2008

Is it Sunday?

This is what I have heard from my four year old for the last week. She knows that on Sunday we are opening presents and leaving to go to Ohio after I get off work. She has also seen me packing and wrapping presents so she knows it is getting closer. She gets up every.freakin.morning and asks "Is it Sunday?" I tell her no, she argues a minute and then goes on about her day after being satisfied that no, it is not Sunday.

Today, though, the conversation was with her dad... and went a little differently.

Kadie: "Is today Sunday?"

John: "No, it's Friday."

Kadie: "Nuh uh, it's Sunday." and she continues to argue with him

John: "No, today is Friday. Sunday is in two days."

Kadie: "Then why is the sun up?"

John was stumped... he had no answer for her. Gotta love kids and their logic.

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Becky said...

LOL! Thanks, I needed that laugh this morning!