Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You'd think living in the south, the land of bugs and creatures, I'd be used to all sorts of them finding their way into my house. I'm not. I am a northern girl at heart and an indoor one deeper down. I don't do bugs, dirt, rodents, reptiles and all those other icky things that BELONG outside. My sister is even more southern-creature-aphobic than I am and she is visiting for the next few weeks.

Since she can't sit still, she thought that she would take some of the cardboard boxes out back to burn in the fire pit at a later date. As she was about to pick up some boxes she noticed a creature moving. I assumed it was a water bug, but she thought it was a mouse and started to freak. I went to inspect since I have become the official bug killer of the household and what I found was a gecko... a really fast gecko. And not the cute little guy from the Geico commercials. If it had been I probably wouldn't have screamed like a 3 yr old on Halloween when it ran up my pant leg.

Yup! I thought I trapped it in a box but he had other plans. He jumped right out and onto my leg. He quickly jumped off, which I'm sure had nothing to do with me jumping up and down and kicking my leg. Or the screaming could have done it too. He ran under the table. My sister quickly moved all the chairs and got down on all fours ready to spring into action. Mr. Gecko was facing me. My sister launched her surprise attack and caught him by his tail. He was shocked! Seriously! He just hung there in midair, not moving or anything. He must have been wallowing in depression from the thought of letting himself get caught. He clearly held the title for fastest gecko in the south. What would his buddies think of him now? Would his girlfriend leave him for being such a pansy?

My sister wanted to keep him. I'm not sure if she was kidding or not but she asked for a jar so she could take him home with her. I wonder if he would be considered an infant in lap on the airplane or if she would have to buy him a seat... hmmm. I told her I was not getting her a jar and she asked me to at least get her cellphone so she could take a picture of him. I was about to go get it when she said she would just get it herself and walked off with the gecko in tow.

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I heard my sister let out a yell and then all the kids start screaming. I only needed one guess to figure out what happened.

"Did you lose it?"
"Yes!!! His tail broke off!! It's still moving!!!!"

I go running because now I have a tailless gecko running through my house. Her and the kids were standing in the hallway where there was a pile of laundry waiting to be folded and that is where the gecko was presumed to be hiding.

"Look at his tail! It's moving!!!"
"Oh my god! Which way did he go?"
"That way." she said, pointing towards me, "He is probably in the clothes."

I just stood their watching while her and the kids start moving clothes to find the missing gecko. Jacob suggested that it was in Adam's pants but no one else thought it was possible. After looking through all the clothes and not finding it, my sister actually checked Adam's pants. It wasn't down the front of him so she pulled them down. And THERE IT WAS! On Adam's leg. He knew he had to get away from that crazy lady and thought the covered leg of a crazy 2 yr old would be safer. HA!

As April tried to grab him he jumped away from her. It took her a few tries to catch him since he was minus a tail now. Once she caught him though I made her take him right outside. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I'm sure he was crying too because if he thought his girlfriend might leave him for being caught in the first place, what would she think of a tailless mate? Poor gecko!

This picture does not do him any justice at all but the best I have. Maybe his girlfriend will have pity on him.


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