Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tooth Fairy Detail

My oldest has only been asking me for the last two years or so when she would get a loose tooth. She would constantly wiggle and pull and try to convince me that she had a loose tooth. Always in the end I would check and sure enough that tooth didnt budge one bit. That is until this last Saturday.

I was getting things ready for Adam & Sara's birthday party when out of the blue Lexi blurts out, "Mom! Im serious this time." Not really sure what she could be serious about I asked her what she was talking about. She told me her tooth was really loose. Seeing as we've been doing this same song and dance for almost two years now I wasn't getting excited for her as I already knew the outcome. I would check the tooth, she would say she was serious, I would say "No, I am serious... you DO NOT have a loose tooth." But low and behold, this time she was right. It wasnt even a little wiggly, it was ALOT wiggly.

I think I was just as excited as I was when she got her first tooth. That same tooth that she is now losing. I think I may have been so overjoyed at the fact she would stop asking me when she would have a loose tooth that I was blindsided by her next question...

"When will it come out?"

Did I really think I could stop being bombarded with questions I would never have the answers to? I really must be losing my mind if I thought that.

"Probably next week" (just to get her to stop asking and she did)

We checked her tooth everyday to see how wiggly it was. I had just looked at it earlier and I said, "It'll probably come out by the end of the week."

Apparently this did not work into her schedule of chasing her brother through the house and tattling on her sister because she took the tooth loosening into her own hands... literally. She came running to me about 45 minutes ago showing me her tiny little baby tooth that came out.

"Oh wow! It came out! How did that happen?"

"I pulled it out!"

I was afraid maybe she didnt get it all. It looked really odd but when I checked the hole in her gums it was clean and just a touch bloody. It wasnt gushing or anything but she looks so funny now. We took this pic just for dad!


And now I am on Tooth Fairy Detail tonight. I do not know if I have any cash on me... and what is the going rate for a first lost tooth anyways??? Do kids these days accept credit cards or IOUs or maybe even a gift card to Texas Roadhouse that mom has yet to use because she can't take 5 heathens out to dinner by herself???

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