Thursday, January 17, 2008

May Day, May Day! We've Sprung a Leak!

It has been raining since yesterday. It rained pretty good all night last night. I didn't get to bed until almost 2am and had to be up at 630. I decided to sleep in... well, I didn't really have a choice. My body just wouldn't let me get up and I didn't put up a fight.

When I finally got up and went to use the bathroom I noticed the floor was soaken wet. I grabbed a towel to clean it up and sat down to do my business. It didn't take me long to figure out where it was coming from since I was getting dripped on from up above.

The skylight in my bathroom is leaking. That's nice. I layed out a towel to catch what it would but I'm sure the next trip in there it will be just as wet.

As if that weren't enough leakage for one morning... my blender decided it wasn't going to hold anything in. I was trying to make a healthy fruit smoothie for breakfast. I poured in the orange juice and was measuring out the yogurt when I noticed the huge puddle of oj surrounding my blender. GREAT! I should have known after the bathroom incident that my blender would not kaput on me. It had a slow leak before but if I was quick enough it didn't make too big of a mess but there was no amount of tightening that would fix this leak. When I tested it over the sink the water just poured out of the bottom, almost as if there wasn't even anything holding it in. CRAP! Guess it's time for a new blender. Now to decide which one I want.

And as if that weren't enough drama for the day... my kids decided to fight over a spoon. I'm surprised there was no bloodshed with all the pinching and punching and kicking and biting. All over a freakin' spoon that says Alexandra on it. Lexi got it for herself and Jacob wanted it. I tried delegating but it just spiraled out of control so I settled that with taking away their cereal. Lexi only got to eat her banana and Jacob went to school hungry because he refused to have anything but cereal. Hope lunch is good today.

OMG I swear it is leak city around here. I'm making dinner and I hear this drip, plop sound coming from somewhere near my refridgerator. I look all around and don't see where it is coming from. Jacob... being the genius that he is... opened up the fridge and sure enough there was water dripping from the freezer. WTH? This happened not too long ago so I turned the ice maker off and the leaking stopped. I thought the problem was solved as long as we didn't use the ice maker. I guess I was wrong. It is leaking again and the ice maker hasn't been on in weeks.

I emailed my landlord this morning about the skylight and the problem we have with our fence from back in March '06 and she is sending someone out tomorrow from Odd Jobs. I guess they can look at my fridge too. I wouldn't be surprised if they start referring to us as the Leakheads! (yah, I know, how corny was that? LoL)

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