Monday, January 14, 2008

My Sweetheart of a Husband

I wasn't home on Saturday to get my surprise birthday flowers that he sent me. I went to bed Sunday night thinking that I would call in the morning to see when I could expect them to be delivered. My sister ran to the store and my neighbor must have saw her pull in the driveway because she came over to deliver my present!!!

At first I was thinking, "Who the frick is ringing my doorbell at midnight!?" but then once I saw the package I was just in awe. The flowers were beautiful. A HUGE bouquet that must have cost a fortune! I even got a balloon, a bear and a box of chocolates! Not that I need the chocolates since Im starting my diet but it was the thought that counted.

My sweet husband that hasnt bought me flowers in FOREVER and has been deployed for the past 8 months was sweet enough to call on my birthday and send me the most beautiful birthday bouquet. The perfect gift would have been for him to be home but that's ok... I'll take what I can get.

Thank you baby for taking time from blowing shit up to remember my birthday and to send me such a sweet gift. I never would have thought you would do something like that since you haven't sent me anything, EVER! Thank you! I love you!

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