Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stuck as a Duck and not even Drunk

And before you ask... no, I do not have a picture.

My sister is busy working off some of the money she owes me. $5 a diaper change, $5 per kid per bath, etc etc. So just put Adam to bed and put the baby gate up so Kadie couldn't go bother him. She put it up off the floor so that it was too high for Miss Kaydence to climb over but she is smarter than that. Kadie decided she would go under it. As swift as a cat she went right under the baby gate.

April lowered it just enough so she couldn't get under it, or so she thought. Again, Kadie proved her wrong and slithered right under as if she were a squishy ball of baby. Jacob followed suit. He was just as much of a contortionist getting under the gate.

I thought it looked like fun and wanted to see how far I could go under. I barely got my head under it without ripping my ear off. Trying to impress my kids, I kept going. I got my shoulders and my arms through and it happened. I was stuck. My chest was too big to go through. I tried pushing the baby gate up just a little so the kids would think I was supermom for getting under the gate since they didn't think it was possible. The gate wouldn't budge and neither would I.

Jacob and Kadie grabbed ahold of my hands and started to pull. OWWWWW! That hurt! Why did I let them do that? I don't have a clue. Since that wasn't working they thought it would be worth a try to push me back out the way I came. I think I now have laminate burn on my left cheek. That hurt too.

I managed to maneuver myself back out and I tried AGAIN! Can we say, dumbass? Yup, all just to make my kids laugh. And you thought I only did crazy things when I was drunk, ha!

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