Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun Photo Friday - Another day late!

Always apologizing to my faithful readers. Forgive me... I was travelling from Jacksonville to San Francisco yesterday. My flight left at 6am eastern time and we arrived at 1055am pacific time and I had been up since 330am eastern time... I was way too tired and excited to be here to think about posting pictures. I promise Ill have lots of new ones in the coming weeks since I am on vacation in California with NO kids.

Just as an FYI Sara was misdiagnosed and had strep, not pneumonia. I was afraid I might have it as well. So far Ive gotten sick twice after having just 1 drink but I don't think I'm sick. The only explanations I can think of is that I'm pregnant but since I haven't had sex in a couple weeks and had my period this last week... I'm 98% sure I'm not... just not sure why I keep getting sick.

Here are some pictures from a birthday party last week... hopefully this will hold y'all over for a week.

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Carol Beth said...

Such a gorgeous family--and Sara's bathing suit is adorable. :)