Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Apologies for Movie Review Monday

I had every intention of blogging my reviews on Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, I finally finished watching it. I also started watching Ocean's 12 last night and intended on posting my reviews before I went to bed. However, Sara had other plans.

She woke up around 9 fussing. She had been in bed since 7. She wasn't going back to sleep so I went to check on her. She was burning up. I gave her a dose of motrin and sat on the couch with her trying to watch the movie. She wouldn't stop crying though. She would inhale, then cry as she exhaled. I took her temp just to see how high it really was. The thermometer didn't even have a chance to stop before I decided to take her to the ER. Within seconds the reading was 102.7.

We left for the hospital shortly before 10. We were there ALL night. Just Sara and I went and I was hoping it wouldn't take too terribly long. Lord, was I wrong. The place was packed. You'd have thought it was a Friday night or a full moon. There was this little girl that kept coming over to me asking what Sara's name was... I would tell her, then she would ask again. It got annoying very quickly. Especially since her mother wasn't watching her. The little girl kept getting closer and closer to me and I didn't want this little girl getting sick cause of Sara or getting Sara worse if the little girl was sick. Her mom finally reigned her in and we were FINALLY called back to Triage at 11.

They weighed her at almost 24lbs with a fully wet diaper (she drank two cups of water while waiting) and got a rectal temp of 101.2. She didn't even cry when they did that, I was surprised. The nurse gave her a full dose of tylenol and sent us over to registration. The clerk asked me if she was married and I said yes... oops... then I corrected, "I'm married, she is not." then I added, "Yah we just married her off really young." To which he replied... "Oh, you re in one of THOSE cults." He was a good sport about my mistake, not like most of the morons down here that would have given me a dirty look or something. It would be about another two hours before we would be called back to see the dr.

When we finally went back we didn't even get a room. We got a bed in the hallway... bed D. Sara and I lied there playing with my phone and she tried pulling plugs out of the wall and climbing down on the floor. She wanted to get down and play so bad... she was wired. I think the meds do that to her... they used to knock out my other kids, her... not a chance. She played with my phone pretending to take my picture, telling me to say cheese and I watched an older lady grimacing in pain every few minutes on the what I'm assuming was bed C. I felt so bad for her. No one paid her any attention. There were several times I wanted to yell for a nurse because that's how much pain that woman was in.

The dr finally came over and took a listen. She decided it would be best to get a chest xray and a urine sample. She didn't want to miss a UTI. I was a little worried about the catheter but Sara did great. She didn't even cry... just gave a dirty look to the nurse. They were thoroughly impressed. She did just as good for her xray as well. It only took two tries to get a good chest shot and only one for the side shot. Very impressive for a sick, tired toddler.

We finally got a room after all that and she was free to run (sort of). She kept climbing on the chair and pulling down the medicine droppers from the supply cart. She thought it was fun. She would throw them on the floor, then I'd tell her to pick them up and she would throw them at me to put back... repeat process about 8 times. We played with some rubber gloves too. She first wanted me to put them on her feet, then I showed her they go on your hands and that kept her entertained for awhile.

Around 230am the dr finally came back with the test results. Her urine was fine but she has slight pneumonia. So glad I caught it now since I'm leaving for California in a few days. Hopefully all is well with her before I leave... Id hate to leave John with a sick baby. At 3 we got our discharge papers and a prescription for some augmentin. We left the hospital and ran into the daughter of the "lady in pain." I asked how her mom was doing and she said she was much better. They finally got her a room and gave her some morphine... thank goodness. I know they were both relieved after that. Not sure what was wrong with her, but it's good to know they finally took care of her.

I stopped at Walgreen's pharmacy on the way home and filled Sara's prescription. Wanted to get her started on that as soon as I could. Got home, moved Adam out of my bed and we both crashed. 7am came way too early though... that's what time she was up but luckily John got to come home early to let me go back to sleep... so that is where I am heading.

Movie reviews to come later. Thanks for bearing with me.

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Lauren said...

awww poor Sara and Mama! I hope she's feeling better soon!