Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun Photo Friday - Part 2 - Kenny Chesney Concert

John gets the priviledge of driving to Atlanta

My feet, posing for a picture LoL

Oops, I didnt realize I was zoomed in

Traffic due to half of I-75 being closed

At Turner Field
Chick Fil A Cow
Before it started raining
Some guy, not sure who it is

After it stopped raining

We missed Gary Allen because it was pouring, he was soaked (we saw him on the big screen)
Leann Rimes
With a Braves jersey on
The stage

Cotton Candy, $6 *I don't really know if that's how much it was*
Supporting local radio
Love it! Wish I knew what the front said, couldn't read it from here
Sammy Hagar

He asked for a drink, then made her drink it before throwing it into the crowd
Brooks & Dunn
"Only in America"
Support the Troops

The crowd went freakin' wild
Sportin' the Braves jersey
The Main Attraction
Here comes Kenny
What a hottie! He was GREAT! I've never heard a crowd as loud as this one.

That was all we got of Kenny, he didnt come on until 10 and we left at 1045. We had a 2 hr drive back to a friend's house and another 2 1/2 hr drive home after that. We didnt make it home until almost 4am and John had to be to work at 7. Despite the traffic, the rain, and not getting to finish out the concert, we had a good time. I was a bit cranky cause I was tired and the rain didnt help my mood but we enjoyed just being out without the kids all day. We spent entirely too much money though.


Anna said...

Great Pic Bri,
looks like you had a wonderful time

Tiffany said...

You didn't get a pic of John eating his floor flavored funnel cake? LMAO Glad you had a good time!