Sunday, July 6, 2008

T-Minus 12 Hours


OMG 14 1/2 mths has come and gone like nothing!!!
(Well, not without the stress and tears and yelling and screaming and wishing he was home yesterday for the last 4mths LoL)

It's now that time for my husband.... their daddy... to come back to us. He is on his way and we will see him for the first time (since February when he was on R&R) in about 12 hours or so!

I'm so excited and need to channel that energy for some cleaning. I've got quite a bit to get done today before he gets home...

*Kitchen needs cleaned... dishes suck!
*Computer desk needs cleaned off... again!
*Tons of laundry... I might wait on this.
*Dining room needs cleaned up and mopped, table and highchair need wiped down.
*Floors need mopped... I hate mopping cause it seems Ive got to everyday
*Hang "Our Hero's Home" Banner... it's ghetto-laminated (read: covered in packing tape) in case it rains
*Bathe the kids and get them dressed... after they eat dinner HA!
*Shower myself... and do my hair... and makeup... and shave (I'm a beast!)
*Change bed linens... changed mine yesterday, but gotta do the kids' now (they got cute new ones)
*Make a cake... crap, I forgot about that!
*Wipe down walls... that's probably gonna wait too

I know none of this matters to my husband but I still have to do it... all he will really care about is how fast my clothes will come off HA!

Disclaimer: I was only 4mths postpartum in that picture... LoL


Tiffany said...

Maybe I should start putting a disclaimer on my pictures but some how I don't think "Only 24 months post partum" is the same. LMAO

Your list is shorter than mine and I only have one kid - thats not really fair! Good luck tonight don't get stage frieght!!!

Bri said...

My list is shorter because my kids are doing their chores and have been keeping up pretty well. I also have to go to Target to get John underwear... and we need dog food, paper plates and milk. The kids wasted a 1/4 of a gallon of milk yesterday. They love me SOOOO much! LoL

Carol Beth said...

YAAAAAAY! Thank your awesome DH for me and the rest of America. He's awesome.

(And you better be too busy CATCHING UP in your bedroom to be reading this!) :)

~Rain said...

Congrats on getting your soldier home :)