Saturday, July 5, 2008

McNasty's Craptastic Service

Whatever happened to actually pleasing the customer? Or the customer is always right? I was on the verge of being arrested for assaulting a McDonald's employee, scratch that, manager because of the "fantastic" way she handled my screwed up order.

This was not the 1st time Ive have my order botched or taken 30 minutes at this particular McDonald's. It's not even the 2nd time, but the 3rd! They either hire a bunch of dumbshits, don't care about serving the customer in a timely fashion or are all 16 and 17 and have better things to do. This doesn't even begin to touch on how bad their front manager was yesterday when I complained. Ill get to that in a bit.

I stopped at this McDonald's a couple weeks ago and went through drivethru. I sat in that line for at least 30 min because someone didn't know what the frick they were doing. I actually waited only because I had nothing better to do. I was down in the area because I had just gone blueberry picking and I was delivering a box of clothes to a girl on Ft. Stewart. I was waiting for her to call so I stopped to get my kids lunch. I swear, its completely unheard of to order 5 kids meals. And don't try to throw them off with apple dippers. The McTards will give you fries and apple dippers and I'm thinking they charge for both. This leads to yesterday's experience. Nothing like making a stressful day that much worse.

I go in to order... there was ONE woman in front of me and 4 others waiting for their food. Why there are FOUR people waiting for food is a disgrace in and of itself, but we aren't talking about them. This is about me.

The girl on the cash register was about 17 and as dumb as a box of rocks. This is how my order went...

Me: Can I get a cheeseburger happy meal only ketchup {pause, I forgot to say my drink and side choice} 3 4pc happy meals...

Her: Huh?

Me: three 4pc happy meals {pause cause she looks stumped} I need a cheeseburger happy meal only ketchup, with apple dippers and a chocolate milk. 3 4pc happy meals with chocolate milk and apple dippers and another cheeseburger happy meal only ketchup with chocolate milk and apple dippers... no, can I get apple juice instead of that chocolate milk.

Her: So you want 2 happy meals?

Me: {in my head... WTF?} Noooo, I need FIVE happy meals. Two of them are cheeseburgers only ketchup. The other three are 4pcs. All with apple dippers, 1 apple juice and 4 chocolate milks. And a medium drink.

Her: Ok, $23.45 {or whatever then total was, I know it was over $23, and if I would have thought about it that would have been too high for what I ordered... I'm pretty sure she charged me for apple dippers on the side so it made the bill about $4 higher than it should have been}

I pay and move on to wait. I'm standing their looking at their order screen and this is how it reads:

2 cheeseburger only ketchup happy meals with fries

3 4pc nuggets happy meals with fries

4 apple dippers

1 med coke

1 kids diet coke

3 kids cokes

1 chocolate milk

HUH? I KNEW she would screw it up, but that's a bit ridiculous. I was waiting and complaining to my friend about it when I saw them put the meals on the tray. I went to inspect to make sure they were right. They all had fries in them, and they put the apple dippers on the tray. I checked the cheeseburgers and sure enough, 1 of them was not right so I sent it back {I wouldn't get it back for 15 min}. The guy went to get my drinks and I told him it was supposed to be 4 chocolate milks and 1 apple juice. He told the manager who then comes over to talk to me. Here goes that conversation...

Her: This is what you ordered {showing me the receipt}

Me: No... I told her three times what I wanted. It's not my problem she wasn't listening.

Her: Well she is new and you didn't pay for these things so you will have to reorder.

Me: So what? Are you going to refund me for this order {which would have been the smart and easy thing to do} and re-ring it?

Her: No, she will ring up what you didn't pay for?

Me: So I have to pay for her mistake when she should have got it right one of the first three times I gave her my order.

Her: If you want your drinks you will have to get back in line and order them.

By this time I'm really pissed and she's talking about me behind my back. I over hear her say something about "if she keeps running her mouth..." What? What is she gonna do? Beat me up because her ditz of a cashier couldn't listen to what I wanted and just pushed whatever buttons she wanted on the register??? At some point I said that Ive had problems at this McDonald's in the past, to which she replied, "Maybe you shouldn't keep coming back to the same McDonald's then."

This comment really set my friend (well a friend of a friend) off and she dialed the store number right then and there and complained about the front manager to the back manager. The back manager said in all of her 8 yrs there that no one had ever complained of that particular manager. Well believe me, she was no slice of pie. She was a very rude woman and was not willing to make my order right. {Remind you, I'm still waiting for my drinks and my son's cheeseburger} This lady is still talking about me, the entire time I'm waiting. Heaven forbid a "white girl" complain about her food in the predominantly black south. I mean, all that makes me is a rude, greedy, white bitch because it's too much to ask for them to get my order right the first time.

I had to again ask for Adam's cheeseburger... she was going to give me an old, nasty burger that had been sitting under the heat lamp long enough to have a black receipt but luckily she didn't. I had demanded a new one {the only reason she didn't give it to me is cause it was plain, not only ketchup}. I finally get the right one and bring it to Adam. Someone then puts another kids meal on my tray (Ive already got 5) so I left it there, along with the caramel dip for the apple dippers, the other bag they put the cheeseburger in (I didn't need another bag). I then ask for my drinks TWICE, while she ignores me... that's right. She wouldn't look at me, wouldn't get my drinks or anything. I then finally said, "Excuse me! Can I ATLEAST get the drinks I DID order?" They must have thrown away my receipt because she just grabbed 4 kids drink cups and got pissy when I said, "and a chocolate milk." I completely forgot about my medium drink but I wasn't that worried about it. Lord only knows what would have happened. And I think the world might have imploded had they actually NOT screwed up my order in the first place.

We were at McDonald's for about 2hrs while the kids ate and played. I finished up the kids' chicken nuggets since I didn't order anything for myself and Lindsey talked to the back manager and got me my drink {as if I needed ANOTHER Dr. Pepper} LoL It was a very drama filled dinner. I thought I might have to have John pick me up from the jailhouse when he got in but there was bloodshed (no tear shed either, sometimes my eyes well up if I'm overly emotional). We joked that we should have had Cynthia with us! HA!

I can definitely say I wont be going back to that McDonald's anytime soon (if ever). And I will be calling District to complain.

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Tiffany said...

You totally need to complain to someone cause thats just crazy. I would have probably smacked that woman if I had been there. I'm sure she would have ended up saying something about me "controlling my kid" LOL. Sorry it sucked.