Monday, September 14, 2009

Movie Review Monday

Wow! It has been forever since I have reviewed a movie and do I have some movies to review. As you probably know, we have Netflix and on top of that we like to buy movies. Some of our recent purchases have been Space Buddies, 17 Again, Hancock and Hannah Montana: The Movie. Just yesterday I bought a couple older movies like The Karate Kid and Kicking & Screaming. From Netflix we have watched Mamma Mia, Space Chimps, Fireproof, Fly Me to the Moon, Twilight, Another Cinderella Story, New in Town, Race to Witch Mountain, I Love You Man, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium and Watchmen. Like I said, WOW!

I won't overwhelm you with all of these reviews in one day... I'll be sure to spread them out. So for today I am going to review some of the family friendly movies. These movies are great for the entire family... from 2 through 99. Of course if you don't allow your kids to watch movies with more mature themes (like love stories and high school scenarios) then you might want to preview them yourself before allowing them to watch them.

17 Again - Zac Efron plays a young version of Matthew Perry in this romantic & dramatic comedy. Typical high school/family movie. Mike blows off basketball to be with his high school sweetheart but when things start to go downhill he wishes he could have done it differently. In a twist of fate he finds himself "17 again" and having his chance to change the future. Will he follow his dreams of being a basketball star or will he remember why he made that decision in the first place? Loved Zac Efron, loved the movie! It has a little something for everyone. A little cheesy at times but who doesn't like a little cheese sometimes ;)

Hannah Montana: The Movie - Based on Miley Cyrus's life as Hannah Montana. Miley finds herself wrapped up in her fantasy persona and her dad worries that she might be heading down the wrong path. The family takes a trip back to Tennessee where Miley has to think about what she really wants. Great movie, great story, great acting! Loved the music and the dancing and the comedy. The whole family loved this one, even Sara (my 2 yr old). A must see! A must buy! And you MUST learn the Hoedown Throwdown :)

Another Cinderella Story - A cheesy sequel to A Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez playing the role of "Cinderella." In this version, Selena Gomez' character is an aspiring dancer that cannot get away to do follow her dreams because of her stepmom and stepsisters. When she loses her Ipod at a dance the mystery guy she was dancing with sets out to find her. Silly antics, mean girls, and a happy ending make this a cute and fun family movie.

Race to Witch Mountain - Having never seen the first one I was unbiased when we watched this one. Two aliens find their way to planet Earth in hopes of saving their home planet and Earth from being invaded. With the help of a local cabby, played by Dwayne Johnson, they manage to stay one step ahead of the government and a killing machine sent after them. The two aliens hope to find an experiment and take it back to their planet before it is too late to save either one. The kids absolutely LOVED this movie. They watched it several times before sending it back and even my 2yr old was quiet the entire movie.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - This was on John's Netflix queue and we were not disappointed. Mr. Magorium is a really old man that owns a magical toy shop but when he realized he won't live forever he starts to make plans for leaving the store. Strange things begin to happen (stranger than the magic that is the store itself) and it is up to three completely different people to come together and save the store. We all loved this movie too. My kids are begging me to buy it but I just haven't yet. Not one to be missed.

**All reviews are my own personal opinion and are not put here to endorse any movie or company. I am also not to be held responsible for you losing two precious hours of your time if I say you should watch something and you end up not liking it. Watch the movies I review at your own risk***

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