Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I like saving money... I mean, who doesn't but I have never been very good at couponing. Since moving to Iowa and joining a new playgroup though, I have learned just a couple new tricks.

First of all... you need to be organized. Clipping coupons and throwing them in a coupon pouch isn't really helping. I tried that once. I never knew what coupons I had and most of them were irrelevant. They were for things I wasn't going to buy and they irritated me when they were $0.55 because then Kroger wouldn't double them. To get started up again, I am going to need a binder that I keep in my car with all my coupons organized nicely, easy to flip through and only for the products I am going to buy.

Second... others may look at you funny or even call it cheating, but if you see a coupon TAKE IT! Sometimes there are coupons inside what you are buying and if it can be opened easily you can take advantage of that coupon right then and there. Ever see a box of cereal with a coupon on it but that is the only one. Probably because the "Coupon Fairy" took the rest ;)

Third... buy what you have coupons for only when the item is on sale unless you really need it. This will often save you so much money and you won't be kicking yourself for buying it last week when it is now on sale. I found myself not getting a couple clearance items today because I thought, "Well, I might have a coupon at home for that." If I don't have a coupon and when I go back they are gone, I guess I didn't really need it anyway. Saving me money too... just in another way :)

Fourth... start a coupon group for sharing/exchanging coupons. Having someone to do it with you will help you to stay in the coupon frame of mind. It has already helped me. I paid under $2 for three candles and a refill pack at Target just by having a friend that knows all these little tips and tricks.

There are a lot more tips and tricks and that is what Thrifty Thursday is going to be for. If I find a great deal, I will post it then. If I run into some more ideas/techniques for being thrifty, I will post them here. I have even learned that being thrifty can also coincide with being green. Instead of always buying sandwich baggies for $2.50, buy a reusable sandwich container for the same price (or cheaper) that will last you longer and reduce waste. It's a win, win!

I hope you enjoy the new addition to my blog and feel free to share your thrifty tips. Also, don't forget to check out the Prudent Shopping blog! That girl can find you some great, even free, deals!

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Mama to a diva said...

I am looking forward to Thrifty Thursdays. I have been working on my thriftiness and am always searching for new tips and ideas!