Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's for Dinner Wednesday

Since we have TONS of apples from apple picking this past weekend I was looking for something to do with them. I only ended up using one but it made the pork chops oh-so-yummy!

Tonight's dinner was Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops with microwaved baked potatoes, canned corn and salad on the side.

I placed my pork chops in a single layer in a glass baking dishing then liberally sprinkled brown sugar over them. While the oven was preheating, I sliced the apples. I then placed 4 small slices of apples on each pork chop and sprinkled with cinnamon. I then put a bit more brown sugar on top... we like brown sugar.

I baked the pork chops for about 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven. With 15 minutes left, I washed the potatoes and poked holes for ventilation. No one wants potato guts all over the inside of their microwave. Place potatoes on a microwave safe plate and rub with olive oil and sea salt. Bake 2 1/2 minutes per potato or according to your microwave directions.

While the potatoes are nuking, put the corn in a pot and heat to desired temp. Take this time to set your table too... or yell at the kids... or check facebook... or even better, to read my blog ;) Everything should finish up right about the same time. Transfer everything to the table and enjoy!

The pork chops were delicious! Not too sweet and just the right amount of flavoring to not need any dipping sauces or ketchup. Only one of my kids used ketchup, one ate only a few bites because she didn't like it... but everyone else ate it as it was made and I heard no complaints. The apples seemed to have just a bit too much cinnamon but were yummy none-the-less. You could pair this with green beans or another green veggie of your choosing... all but one of us likes salad so that is usually the green vegetable of choice in our house.

*I wish I would have taken a picture before dinner was devoured. My kids ate like they hadn't eaten in days HA!*

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