Monday, September 21, 2009

Movie Review Monday

I know... I missed Fun Photo Friday and Soccer Saturdays. I can be such a bad blogger sometimes. In my defense though... my computer is in the shop, so finding photos to post proves to be a little more difficult. Not in possible, just more of a hassle. I also was not home the majority of the day on Friday so I was not online very much. We had a yardsale at a friend's house so we were there from 630am til about 230pm. After that is pretty much a blur... I was tired LoL Then on Saturday we had the yardsale again so I missed soccer and was only home for a couple of hours... just enough time to take a shower, do my makeup and dry and straighten my hair before going out with a friend to a bachelorette party. Which was a blast! So I wasn't just sitting around the house, twiddling my thumbs and ignoring my blog. Now since you came here for a movie review and NOT a long excuse as to why I am such a bad blogger, I will get to it.

What did I watch recently? Well recently I have watched the first two discs of the one and only season of the television series Kidnapped. LOVE that show! Cannot wait to see how it ends. I have watched 10 episodes and there is one more disc. I wish it would have lasted more than one season back in 2006 but maybe the end didn't leave much room for continuing... I don't know yet. The kids watched Disney Nature Earth but they didn't care for it much and John thought it was too "National Geographic" which I am assuming was the point but seeing the previews my kids and John all wanted to watch it. Sadly, it disappointed them. Then last night, John watched Hellboy II. I was so tired I couldn't stay up to watch it... but the 10 minutes I did see were pretty good. I guess I just reviewed three movies without actually reviewing movies the way I usually do. Too funny. Anyway, here are a few "normal" movie reviews.

Hancock: Will Smith plays an unlikely superhero. He has super powers, uses them to help people, but leaves more pricey damages than anyone like Superman or Batman. Funny, suspenseful and just an all around great movie. There is a bit of bad language but I would let my kids watch the movie since we watch all the other "superhero" movies.

Mamma Mia: A corny musical about a girl that is getting married and wants her father to walk her down the aisle. Only problem is she doesn't know who her father is... and neither does her mother. It could be one of three men so she sends invites "from her mother" to the three estranged lovers to attend her wedding in hopes of finding out which one is her real dad. Funny, romantic, cute and no doubt a movie your hubby will grown about watching :p

Twilight: I have not read the books and I wanted to see what all the hype was about so I added this to my Netflix queue. If you have been living under a rock, and do not know what Twilight is about... I will be kind enough to tell you. A teenage girl goes to live with her dad in a strange town. She starts to fall for a fellow classmate and learns his secret... he is a vampire. A love story, not a vampire story. The first time John saw it, he didn't like it... but he likes movies like Blade and did not realize this was a romantic drama... not a vampire movie. I liked it... I didn't love it but I would buy it and watch it again. Jacob (7) loved it, Kadie (5) was scared and Lexi (8) had no opinion. I think she thought it was alright. We have a new friend named Bella and when my older kids found out they said, "Like in that movie?!" Yup, like in Twilight LoL Oh, and for the record... I am not on Team Edward. I do not think he is hot. ;)

New in Town: Cheesy chick flick with Renee Zellweger. A Miami business exec. volunteers to go to Minnesota to revamp a factory. Adjusting to small town life is difficult and pleasant all at the same time. She finds herself caring for these people and their small town company. It wasn't great but it didn't suck either. I gave it three stars on Netflix.

Pineapple Express: A process server witnesses a murder and has to outwit a high powered pot dealer and his cop girlfriend. Hilarious and bloody. Every other word is fuck. Drugs, profanity, violence. Not one for the kids to watch even though it grabbed my three year old's attention and would not let go. We had assumed he would fall asleep since it was after 10 but he seemed to like the movie more than he wanted to sleep. 4 out of 5 stars for being absolutely hilarious.


Penz said...

i still need to see pineapple express. i think this weekend i'll give it a go. I have to agree with the rest of the movies. :)

Christopher And Tia said...

I really didn't think pineapple express was funny. Maybe because I've never been a pot smoker, or- yeah I don't know what it was, but I didn't really laugh at that one at all? My husband thought it was funny though.

I'm Team Jacob, hehe. (read the books!!)