Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Travel Tuesday

The day is September 15th 2004. My doctor has agreed to induce me at 38 weeks because John has to report to Fort Stewart, GA by my due date.

Other than John leaving there was another reason I wanted induced. My first pregnancy ended in a stillbirth and one of the causes was a placental insufficiency. My previous doctor insisted on inducing me for my next two pregnancies to avoid anything happening to the placenta. He was a great doctor. Very patient friendly and made you feel comfortable even when something was wrong. I was sad to have him move away and me have to find a new doctor... a new doctor that was not as patient friendly.

So my new doctor did not think my medical reason was an actual medical reason and refused to induce me. When I told him about John leaving he responded with, "Well now that is a good reason to induce." Huh? What? Ok, well at least I am getting my wish. Can't complain too much.

So here I am... at Flower Hospital at 9am in the morning. Why he didn't have me come in the night before like my previous two births was beyond me. He had me start on pitocin, to kick start labor. I was hoping for a round of cervadil to soften my cervix but I never asked. I should have but I didn't. The last time I delivered with just cervadil... it put me into labor so I didn't need any pitocin. But this time around it was like a kick in my uterus.

Contractions started almost immediately and persisted strong and close together all day. I should have taken a hint from my labor about my third child's personality. Stubborn is putting it mildly. This went on for over 12 hours and it was not very pleasant. I can see why some people hate being induced. My view on it would only change slightly.

At 940pm my beautiful, stubborn little girl was born. Weighing in at 6lbs 15oz, the same as her big sister with no cleft lip or cleft palate (her older brother was born with both). She had red hair, just like the other two... they get that from their grandma.

Now, 5 years later, almost to the hour we celebrate the birth of that little girl. That little girl that is turning into a big girl. She started Kindergarten this year with only having 2 months of preschool under her belt. They assured me at her morning school that she was not as shy and reserved as she acted when I dropped her off and picked her up. I am hoping being in a classroom setting will help her overcome that obstacle.

5 years old and finishing up her 1st month of school and thinking she runs this house. Our little tomboy-princess. Happy 5th Birthday, Kaydence BreAnne!

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C. Beth said...

Happy birthday, Kaydence!

Welcome back to blogging, Bri! Just spent some time getting caught up on your blog tonight.