Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time Travel Tuesday (Post 2)

September 29th 1999

10 years ago I went in to take my second driving test. I had high hopes. I would not make the same mistake I made last week. My aunt Tammy took me again so I could drive her car. My mom's car wouldn't pass the inspection so thankfully we knew someone whose car would.

I got in the car less nervous than I was the week before. After all, I already did this once and I now knew what NOT to do. HA! I hated not being able to have the radio on. It made the drive seem so awkward.

I took the driving test according to the directions given by the rent-a-cop (that's what I called her last week, right?!) and was very pleased. I didn't speed. I used my blinkers. And I most definitely did NOT pull out into traffic. It helped that traffic was much lighter today than it was last week. I think the traffic gods were on my side.

We got back to the station and I awaited my results. Much to my dismay and to my aunt's, I failed! Again! What went wrong?! Apparently I "ran a stop sign." I put that in quotations because the way the stop sign is makes it a trick "question" for anyone that has never taken a driver's education class and running a stop sign is automatic failure. So since I did not come to a complete stop 6ft before the intersection where the stop sign is posted, I failed. Nice.

Was I ever going to get my driver's license? It was looking pretty dim.

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Anna said...

from someone who failed 3 times...believe me I know what you mean!