Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Saturdays!

I am all about the alliteration but as cheesy as it is, you know you like it! LoL

The kids have soccer on Saturdays until the 2nd week in October. They are loving it. I am not too impressed with the Y soccer but nothing too terrible that we can't finish out the season. We are thinking of trying another program next year though. I signed up Lexi and Jacob as expected but I also signed Kadie and Adam up too!

Lexi is playing on an all girls team and she loves it. She was the only one to score for their team last week and they won! This week they didn't but that's ok... you can't win them all. She plays hard and in all positions. Although, I do not think she has played goalie yet, but she has no real desire to either. Not sure if I will be able to get her to play softball like her mom and aunt, but oh well. She loves soccer and I won't force her to do anything she doesn't want to (except cleaning her room, you know, the important stuff LoL)

Jacob is on a co-ed team, although there are only a few girls. For some reason they have all girl teams but not all boy teams. Not that big of a deal, I guess... at least he doesn't seem to mind. This past week at soccer practice the coach's son pushed Jacob when they were running all because Jacob was getting in front of him (this kid's name is Jacob too). I had Jacob tell the coach and he just says, "Well we all need to keep our hands to ourselves." NICE! One of the reasons I am not fond of this league. One bad apple, you know. Jacob played goalie last week but I am not sure he liked it too much. He is a runner. He runs hard and wherever the ball is, you can bet he isn't far behind. Their team won this week... 1-0!

Kadie and Adam just started last week and I decided to stay home (had to wait for our furniture anyway) so that Kadie wouldn't cling to me. She still refused to play and I thought it would be just as hard this week with me there. Luckily, I was wrong and I did not waste my $35 signing her up. Both her and Adam played, and played hard. Kadie scored twice for their team! I almost missed the first one and I think I got the second one on video. She had so much fun that I do not think she will have any issues continuing the season. Adam was beat by the end of the game, sitting out the last 5 minutes. It was hot out there. He didn't score this time, but John tells me he did last week! I can see him being a star soccer player. He is the youngest and smallest on the team and one of the few that plays the whole time, gets up after being knocked down, doesn't push or fight with anyone and is all over that ball.

We are into week 2 for the younger two and week 3 for the older two. The season seems to be going quick and I don't think anyone is looking forward to it ending. But with the end of soccer comes the beginning of scouts for Jacob and gymnastics for Lexi. Might sign Kadie and Adam up for that too. We will see. So far, haven't signed Sara up for anything but she isn't quite 3 yet and having 4 other kids doesn't really allow me to do any Mommy & Me programs.

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